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You Can Get in Shape and Love Your Body Without Hitting Gym.

Weight & Waiting empowers you to love your body – without any strict diet or exercise. It’s all about optimizing your brain and neural pathways.
Brain Training – Hormones & Levels Of Consciousness
Understanding Pain & Reward Cycles
Manifestation Exercises To Achieve Your Desired Body
The Loss of Self - Exploration Of How You Adapted To Your Story
Grief Process To Understand and Resolve Trauma

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Theta Meditation

Be Your Best, Naturally.

Quantum Fitness is a science-backed program that talks about hormones and healthy living. Here’s what our clients are saying –

What You Gain Through Weight & Waiting:

Wellness, awareness, and happiness

You’re in control of your destiny and, you deserve to know the science to live happily.


With Weight and Waiting, learn efficient and effortless methods to shine and love your body. The course teaches wellness through training and positive affirmations. Fitness enthusiasts can also follow a personalized exercise routine to work their interior muscles and elongate them. The routine includes hybrid Pilates, resistance training, self-hypnosis, and meditation just for a total of 15 minutes!

Crash Course in Hormones and Biochemistry

The human brain directs the body based on its past. So it is essential to learn and unlearn.


With Jessica’s insightful introduction to biochemistry and hormonal systems, you’ll be equipped with solutions for your weight issues. You’ll not only see issues beforehand but also rewire yourself to envision and achieve results.

An Effective Unpacking of Your Emotional Baggage

Let go of the negative emotions that prevent you from being your true, happy self.

You may not realize how feelings, failures, trauma, heartbreak, and fear cause weight issues. But with Jessica, you will acknowledge the pain that is secretly weighing you down. Gently unpack the emotional baggage and free yourself from the past wounds and future fears using bio-hacking techniques. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Weight & Waiting navigates through the human body’s hormonal system to empower you to confidently love your body – without the gym or any strict diet.

It is a carefully curated, science-backed course that discusses everyday challenges, triggers, fears, uncertainties that causes one to cope with weight issues. By rewiring your neural pathways, this course flips the destructive hormones to rebuild a better you.

The course is a 5-week program where conversations on biohacking techniques, routine, and wellness will deliver results. Working with sex hormones, adrenaline, serotonin & melatonin to guide other hormonal systems back into alignment comes into fruition during this course.

Weekly Plan:

Week 1: Brain Training – Hormones & Levels Of Consciousness
The initial week will focus on rewiring the brain by utilizing both brain waves and hormones. A deeper dive into hormonal systems, biohacking, and fitness shall be delivered.

Week 2: Understanding Pain & Reward Cycles
The second week is a self-awareness week where you get to know your pain and triggers. The assessment will generate a reward cycle that ensures the proper fulfillment and integration of Quantum Fitness.

Week 3: Manifestation Exercises
The third week’s highlights are manifestation practices and exercises. Learners will receive a thorough understanding of the topic and step-by-step instructions on how to manifest desires.

Week 4: The Loss of Self – Exploration of How You Adapted To Your Story
Based on your thoughts, your body is constantly adapting, perceiving, and deciding who you are. Healthy thought processes and their significance follows the fourth week.

Week 5: Grief Process
Exploring and resolving trauma is the core focus in the final week. Quantum methods to practice healthy and happy living too, shall be taught. 

You can get the complete course for $499.

Love and Appreciate Your Body
Visualize and actualize the body you’re comfortable with. Learn and locate the hormones triggered by thought to avoid resulting sabotage by rewiring your brain. Get to the root with Weight and Waiting and achieve the body you’ve always wanted.

Become a Deliberate Creator of Your Reality
Manifest the life you’ve always wanted. Heal your trauma, belief systems, and become a deliberate creator, rather than creating your reality by default. With Weight and Waiting, change your approach and awaken through the power of manifestation and biohacking.

Transcend through Awareness
Awareness is the key. Reflect on your reality to awaken, integrate and transcend. Find trauma and patterns to override and heal yourselves. Explore possibilities, new avenues and embrace change by transforming yourself with our Weight and Waiting course.

Jessica and her Experience
Jessica Alstrom is a Quantum Biohacker and the creator of Quantum Fitness. For over 20 years, the extrasensory motivational speaker has designed workshops to teach biohacks to override traumas and patterns. A speaker of Light Language, Jessica’s true purpose is to enable people to unleash their true potential and manifest the reality they desire.

Jess is a quantum biohacking practitioner with 20+ years of experience. An inspiration to many, Jessica now shares her teachings with international audiences. Through live events, online courses, interviews, writings, tours, and private sessions, she is on the path to helping humanity understand the higher purpose of their soul. 

Yes, you can! Jessica’s renowned “Quantum Life Coaching Course” is the perfect fit for people preparing for a career as a Quantum Coach. Complete Quantum Fitness courses and join Jessica on her mission to awaken humanity. 

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