Lesson 1 – Introduction to Becoming the Real You – Notes

Introduction to Becoming the New Real You

In order to know who we really are, we must create an ideal desired life and then build the character
around that. First, we imagine and then allow ourselves to feel what our current dream life would look
like. Picture that right now. From this, you create your goals and your character will be centered
around these goals. They might scare you but they will also feel like the real you at the same time.
These goals come from GUT feelings and are motivated by creativity and connection, not security and
attachment. For example, do not make owning a house your goal. Instead, choose a house that your
new self would feel comfortable in as a higher representation of you. Do not choose a job or career that
makes you feel like higher self. Instead, feel what your higher self feels like and create a job for yourself
that centers around that feeling . When describing your level of abundance, be sure to include other
aspects of your life in addition to money. Pay careful attention not to attach to how or where the
abundance will come from. Abundance is not just financial freedom, it is also the ability to do what you
want to do when you want to do it.
Create Your Character Using 4 Categories
Time– Who are you with time? How do you use time? How does time allow you to enjoy this
new you?
• Money – (Abundance) How will you use this to create freedom, connection, reality and
• Relationship – Who are you in relationships? YOU WILL BE WHO YOU SEE YOURSELF AS.
• Health – Diet, exercise, dress, hygiene, body (the vehicle for acting out your new YOU) body
language (the 5 human senses, along with your 6th and 7th senses will be needed) and your 3rd
eye or your feeling intuition.

Investigate To Create the New You
Ask yourself the following questions.
• What form of movement best represents the real me?
• What diet can I adjust to that creates a higher vibration within me?
• Who are the 5 people most connected to me?
• Do I allow myself to feel authentic around them?
• Do they seek to become more of who they are?
• Would I want to adopt their mindset?
• What addictions do they trigger in me?
• How can I vacate my life to allow for my 30 day transformation to occur?
• Who, outside my own heart, reflects the type of being I would like to become?
• Who has the success I crave?
• Who has the abundance I wish to experience?
• Who uses time in a manner that allows them to create and thrive?
• Whose diet and personal discipline do I admire?
• How to they dress and carry themselves?
• How do they treat others?
• How do they see challenge?
Creating the New You Using Inspiration From Others
Whatever appeals to you resides within you. You are using the reflection of others to find your own
inner greatness. Just as we have disassociated from negative aspects of ourselves, we have also
imprisoned our greatness. The same way we use triggers to find our shadows, we use inspiration to find
our higher selves. Once this process is complete, you will create an ideal you from all you have
gathered. It won’t feel possible in the beginning, but that’s ok. That feeling of impossibility is just a
belief and nothing more. From this feeling, vision creates a symbol that completely represents the
totality of the new you. Write or print out the following:
• Find a song that matches this feeling and symbol empowered
• Find a smell, essential oil or fragrance
• Find a texture. Ex. Cashmere
• Find a taste that represents this symbol. Ex. Orange juice
• For your morning and night time visions, choose a moment in time. Ex. Winning an award
• Choose a symbol of your ideal abundance
• Create a new memory of your ideal relationship
• Imagine a body full of energy and confidence, yet simultaneously at peace.
Ego Tricks
Your ego will begin to get wind of your activities and you will begin to experience it playing the below
tricks on you. Be present enough to notice these tricks. Use your new symbols as a present moment
intention in order to ignore your current reality and become delusional (dis-allusion). This process will
be very uncomfortable for both your body and your ego.
• Feeling annoyed by a new routine
• Tantrums and illness
• Forgetfulness
• Anger
• Feelings of unworthiness
• Feeling silly or stupid for pretending
• Irritation
• Body aches and pains
• Fear of current circumstance
• Worry
• Fear of Abandonment
• Fear of Commitment
• Self-Judgment or judgment of others
• Blame
• Guilt
• Shame
• Humiliation
• Resentment
• Cravings
• Urges
• Lack of motivation
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Fatigue
• Hopelessness
• Feeling like a fraud, untalented or small
Things to Help You succeed
• Replace social media with books, autobiographies, empowering movies, podcasts and/or classes.
• Replace matrix news with 5D news
• Volunteer in a place that no one knows you
• Vacate your social scene (unless you live with 5D beings)
• Spend more time looking and feeling like the new you than you do merely observing others
• Do your trigger work
• Get time and space.
• De-clutter your house, car and life
• Eat live foods
• Get lots of healthy fats (No white sugar, No white flour and No processed foods)
• Plan your day tomorrow
• Practice being in the present moment (Ask yourself, Where am I? What colors do I see?)
• Journal
• Time travel
• Eat high vibe foods
• Exercise
• Pretend your new life as much as possible
• Exercise
• Drink lots of clean water
• Take baths or be around water
• Spend time in nature and around vibrant colors
• Listen to sound healing, do BrainTap, and listen to your personal playlists.
You are creating a new inner world, a true sanctuary within. This will be a place to retreat to when you