Lesson 1 – The Light Coaching Creed

Light Coaching Creed

I am here to be of service and to help awaken this world.

I am light and through my own personal awakening, I have survived the darkest of nights.

I am aligned with my higher-self and will act as reflection of yours until you heal and trust that you are God.

I am a shadow hunter and alchemist.

I am not afraid of your pain because I have healed my own.

I will light the way and hold space for you to integrate each dissociated aspect of yourself that needs to be healed through love.

I will love you unconditionally and with the highest level of compassion for I have walked in your shoes.

I will honor your unique time and purpose on this planet.

I will remind you how to be a deliberate creator of your own reality.

I will be the example, I will be accountable and I will invest in you so that you can invest in yourself.

I will walk side-by-side with you until you become the teacher and then I will ask you to go and do the same as I have done for you.

I am a light coach and I am here to walk you home.

Awaken ̴ Integrate ̴ Transcend

-Jessica Alstrom