Lesson 10 – Time Travel Script – Original

Time Travel Script

Sample starting points:

Coach-What is blocking you right now in your life?

Where do you feel stuck?

What do you want that you can’t have?

Where are you sabotaging yourself?



Coach-What does this feel like? What is the emotion that you feel when you feel stuck, blocked, lacking or sabotaged?



Client–I feel blocked in making more money, no matter how hard I try I can’t get ahead.

Coach-What does feeling blocked feel like? Does it feel frustrating, embarrassing? Insert a few emotions to help guide them to their feeling truth.

Client -It feels humiliating and scary.

Coach- OK, thank you. I want you to be with that feeling for just a minute and think of how not having enough money to live your life comfortable makes you feel. I want you to feel that emotion…

Client –Begins to show signs of emotion, they will shift, you will notice an inward energy as they get sucked into the emotion. The breath will shallow and tears may stream. Let them be there with it for a moment.

Coach –Now, I want you to go back to another time when you felt humiliated because you didn’t have enough or something about you was being judged.Allow them to go wherever they choose.

Coach -Are you at another time?


Coach – Where are you?

How old do you feel?

Can you see what you are wearing?

Who is there?

What is happening?

NOTE: If they begin talking as if they are watching themselves experience this memory from the outside looking in, bring them back in to the perspective of actually BEING the child. Having them become the child again will have a far better healing experience then looking at the story from the outside reflection. Example- I was sitting on the play ground and boy came over and made fun of MY shirt.

REMINDER: Coach-Ask them very softly to tell you as if it’s happening now. (Ex. I am sitting on the playground, I am wearing a red shirt, I feel nervous, etc.)

Coach-Bring the old story into the present moment and allow a deeper release to occur.

As they tell you the story notice what you notice without judgment. Notice the body, notice the child speaking to you. Notice the pain arising all over again. Move into your heart center and just listen.

Coach-Where do you feel this ___________ emotion in your body? Allow that painful emotion it arise within just for a moment .Do not be nervous just observe. Have them tell or show you. Make a note for later. When you feel it is time to shift the story. Do this with ease.

Coach-Now, take a deep breath and release that story. If you could re-write that scene, how would you have preferred to have had it happen? Give them examples of things they can choose from to get them into the right side of the brain and unlock imagination. If you notice anger, allow revenge. If you notice deep sadness, allow help or rescue. If you notice embarrassment, show them an example of hero ship.

What would you like to say to this person?

What would you like to see happen to this person?

What would you like to do to this person?

And if you could change this story completely what would like to see and feel that would feel better?

What scenario would you like to see that would make you feel stronger, more loved and safe and more appreciated?

IMPORTANT: If your client cannot move into imagination and recreate a happy victorious story, they will need to take personal time of self-reflection and DO STEP 1

My child’s truth. (See My Childs truth script)

If they are able to muster a new empowered story, guide them only as needed and let them come up with their child’s version of empowerment. Watch their body shift. Notice the expansion in their energy field and lightness occur. Their breathing will deepen and they will feel better.

Coach-What are you feeling?

What emotion are you having?

Where do you feel that in your body?

Coach-It’s time to record that new story in your body. I want you to take a deep breath and let go. Now, you can come back to the present.

Time Travel Script 6.10.16