Lesson 11 – WORKSHEET – Complete Acceptance, Understanding & Awareness Worksheet

Week 3

Complete Acceptance, Understanding & Awareness Worksheet

You are a child of light and as such, you have 6 basic needs








You are a child of the universe. Your soul is pure light and your body is your spiritual earth suite. Technically, your body is a computer. It’s a computer that has its own agenda because the body has been programmed to survive. This body, with the right care, can live hundreds of years. Unfortunately, the consciousness or soul inhabiting the body indirectly affects and overrides the body’s natural instincts. You are 3 aspects that make up your experience.

Me = My Ego

Myself = My Body

I = the I Am

Understanding that there are 3 aspects of yourself helps you understand what your operating system is and what you actually need to take responsibility for.

Accepting and Understanding Where You Are

Examples of Belief Systems:

I feel I am NOT good enough
I feel unworthy when I compare myself to others
I am not heard for in my authentic expression
I am not seen the way I see myself
I am not safe in this body or this word
I am alone (I feel separate from my guides, higher self and other people)

I do not feel gifted, physic or intuitive

I feel the most alone in my relationships

I feel judged for being me (I feel misunderstood)
I feel limited in what I can create

We downloaded these beliefs during childhood and they created our mindset. Our mindset is a chronic pattern of thinking based on observation, experience and practice. Biologically, this happens when set of neurons are all linked together with the same command. This creates a distinct neuro-pathway connection that generates an automatic response from the subconscious.

To reprogram our mindsets, we must focus our observations on that which is desired and create a new mindset based on focused attention and practice.

Focused Consciousness

Emotion is the GPS to our higher self. A feeling is concentrated emotions that have gathered around a mindset.

What is the difference between reaction and response?

-Reaction = automatic trigger from your timelineàResponse = observational, awareness and choice

We can find our negative mindsets with ease.

Spend time looking at the below emotional chart and observe where you are.



1. What emotions come up when you think about the following?

-My health

-My finances

-My relationships

-My time

2. What emotions come up when you think about being the following?



3. How do you feel when a bill comes in the mail?

4. How do you feel getting money?

5. How do you feel about receiving help?

6. How do you feel spending money?

7. How do you feel when your body hurts or doesn’t respond or look how you want it too?

8. How do you feel about your time?

9. How do you feel about your close relationships?

10. What do you do when an unexpected debt or expense comes up?

11. How do you feel when you spend money?

12. What do you do with your time?

13. What do you do with your body?

14. What do you do in your relationships?