Lesson 12 – Becoming the Real You Week 3 – 7 Steps to Manifestation

The Seven Steps of Manifestation
1. Desire:
Desire is the engine of manifestation. It is an impulse
from your higher self, filtered through your conscious
awareness. Your desire is for what brings you joy. It could
represent freedom, safety, love, etc.
2. Visualize:
Vision defines in your mind the specifics of what you
desire, something new, beyond your perceived limits,
beautiful, magical, and something that raises your
frequency into ecstasy, passion, or excitement. Here
you’re looking forward.
3. Intend:
When you set an intention, you create a treasure map for
your desire and your vision. Intention “places your order”
with the universe, and clicks the “buy now” button. It tells
the universe who you are, that you’re serious.
4. Imagine:
Here you’re acting as if your manifestation is done. You’re imagining in all five
senses, living in the midst of your completed manifestation. You’re celebrating. It
is done, and it was amazing!
5. Take inspired action:
With inspired action, you’re acting on the inspiration of your imagination,
intention, vision, and desire. Wait for inspired action as opposed to just being
busy. Follow your highest joy, whether it feels related to your manifestation or
6. Dive into service:
Dive into service, to yourself or to others. And play! Service and play free your
mind. Pay it forward, volunteer, support a friend, or help someone with the same
goal as you, etc.
7. Surrender:
Let go of the outcome. Give up control of who, what, when, where, how, etc. Let
the universe work behind the scenes, allowing your manifestation to be even
better than you imagined.