Lesson 12 – QPC – Money Worksheet

Quantum Pattern Clearing: MONEY

Awareness:  Awakening, Realizing, Responsibility and Clarity Exercise

In this now moment, how big does your energy field feel?  (Ex. 2-3ft, 10ft, etc.) __________

On a scale from one 1-10, how abundant do you feel? _______________

What does abundance feel like to you? (Ex. freedom, safety, etc.)___________________________

What does money gift you? (Ex. items, security, etc.)___________________________________

What does money represent to you?________________________________

What is your false sense of abundance? (Ex. husband, job, etc.)____________________________

Where does your money come from in this now moment?___________________________________

What is your story are you consciously telling about money in this now moment?___________________

What story is your subconscious mind telling about money in this now moment?___________________

What story are you feeling / telling/living about money ?_______________________________________

What is your problem right now?________________________________________

What was mom’s story about money?_______________________________

What was dad’s story about money?_______________________________________

What is your spouse/ partner’s  story about money?__________________________________

What is the money story that the 5 people closest  to you are telling?_____________________________

Do you believe you are creating this reality?____________________________________

How big does your energy field feel now ?_____________________________

Guided Expanded Light Meditation Script

How big does your energy field feel?

Take a deep breath and move into your heart center. Feel something unconditional, something warm, loving, or abundant .  Feel your heart expand and imagine that its expansion is light.  Push this feeling into the rest of the body and then push it outside the body.

Tell me how many feet you were able to expand?

Now, using your breath, imagine that you are grounding to the floor and anchoring to the heavens, moving more light outside of your body until it’s met with light that feels the same. The new light that meets your light is the higher version of yourself that is on the other side of the veil awaiting your alignment.  You have just aligned with your higher self.

Now, together with your higher self, push your light outward through constructed time and space, through all dimensions and cores of planetary realities, and all the way to the edge of creation.

Notice the ease and effortlessness of this expansion.  Notice how big you are.  Notice how bright everything is . You have now aligned with Source Energy and are currently vibrating at the speed of light (50 billion vibrations per second plus 200 billion vibrations of the heart field)

Notice your breath, your posture, and your body as you simultaneously observe the greatness of your light and heart field.

Integration: Clearing, Expansion and Responsibility

There are 22 blocks of abundance

Like a room that is now well lit, it will be easy to find all dense thought forms, parasitic energy, negative belief patterns, limiting mindsets, fear based programs, painful traumas, neglected fractals emotions, numbed suppressed fear, grief and loss.

It will be easy from this space to see, sense or feel your lower vibrational debris.

**Ask all of the below questions slowly.  Ask each question three times.  Once from the past, present and future perspective.

  1. I was not worthy.  I am not worthy. I will not be worthy.
  2. Money creates greed.
  3. I am not enough. I do not have enough.
  4. I must sacrifice/suffer.
  5. To give is to love.
  6. I will have to work hard.
  7. I will owe someone if I receive and become an emotional slave.
  8. I will lose my freedom.
  9. I will lose myself and become inauthentic.
  10. I will not be spiritual.
  11. Money is bad/evil.
  12. I will have to do things for money that are degrading or beneath me.
  13. I cannot make money from my divine soul purpose.
  14. I will blow it all, spend it all. I will be irresponsible.
  15. What others have is unfair.  The system is rigged/corrupt.
  16. I will be exposed /seen /used.
  17. I will have to give myself away.
  18. Receiving makes me weak.  I will have to depended on someone.
  19. I do not deserve money.
  20. I will have to be something I am not.
  21. I will be humiliated if I do not have enough.
  22. I will lose everything /die/perish.
  23. ________________
  24. ___________________
  25. ______________
  26. ______________
  27. _________________
  28. _________________

Magic, Miracles and Intentions…

Higher self blessing for the body_______________

Higher self blessing for the past_______________

Higher self blessing for the now_____________

Higher self blessing for the future _______________

Slowly ask each of the questions below:

What age do I recall the first time I felt this belief?

Who downloaded it to me?

Where do I feel it, sense it or see it in my body or around my body?

Is this the past, present or future sensation?

Clearing  of the above observations:

SEND light from the edges of the universe inward to the are you sense, feel or see.

Place your hand on or around the body where you sense feel or see this density. If you sense more than one location, focus on one at a time and spend time clearing the energetic cobwebs with your focused light.  Feel where it is hidden in your body.

SAY, “Clear, Integrate and transcend across all timelines, dimensions and space constructed realities.”

Imagine the dense energy becoming light and break up the shadow, the heavy energy/darkness with the light of your intention and words.

Repeat this until it breaks up in the body and outside of the body.

Slowly ask each of the questions below:

What people, places and things have I lost because of this pattern?

What have I lost from this pattern?

And what have I replaced it with?  Shame , guilt, humiliation, fear, resentment or grief.  All rewards are to cover these sensations.

Clearing People, Places and Events

What has this pattern has caused me to lose?

Go back to this event, person or place and wrap this energy in your self-created blessing.

Fill the space/void of this event/person/place in completely with light, love and what your symbolic blessing entails.  Ex. I bless this house with love _____________________________________________________________________

I bless  (person/object/event) with (your self-created blessing).

22 Abundant Truths

  1. I am wealth.
  2. I am source energy incarnated into form.
  3. I am unlimited.
  4. I have access to all potential.
  5. I create my reality.
  6. I attract what I believe.
  7. What I desire desires me.
  8. I am money, abundance.
  9. I am free.
  10. I am safe to be authentic.
  11. I am divinely supported by the Universe.
  12. I am here to give and receive.
  13. I am safe to receive.
  14. I am safe to give.
  15. Money is just one tool in my tool box.
  16. Money fuels my ability to love wider.
  17. Money allows me to be free to create.
  18. Money provides a challenge to my understanding reflection.
  19. Money  affords me time to know myself.
  20. Money allows me to meet my world.
  21. Money allows me space to reconnect to myself.
  22. Money heals lack.

How big does your energy field feel now ?