Lesson 12 – Week 3 – Class Notes – Self Abandonment & the ‘I Am’

Quantum Light Coaching Class

Section 9 – Week 3


Recitation of Light Coaching Creed

We will begin each course reciting the Light Coaching Creed as an affirmation

and a means to set our intention of what we will manifest as Light Coaches.



We will always begin each class with a brief grounding to help with any triggers

That may come up as a result of the things being discussed in each class.

Grounding is important to make sure you are connected to Mother Earth and God.

Carry crystals or sage in your pocket to help with this on a regular basis.



*The election is a call to action*

-You’re here to embody higher self

-Trump will expose all our darkness and will speed up our evolution by 18 months

-The collective looked to the government and then critize them for it

-What are you gonna do from this moment forward?

-Go to your light creed–>YOU are needed

-Who are you now that everything is exposed? Do you choose to be the message? If you do, then you must be it within and without

-We are contracting and expanding to “Birth” peace

-Fast Forward for time travel–> heal your wounds from higher self-perspective

–>I am not loved shows up in your life as body problems and pain in the body, an inability to hold a job and as a narcicist/empath relationship

–>All pain is a resistance of your natural self

-Higher self doesn’t need more than 4 hours of sleep

-It only takes 3 DAYS to become your higher self when you do your “I AM” every hour for 24 hours

-The ‘I Am’ activates the 12 helox of DNA and the christ consciousness

–>If you aren’t doing your “I Am” exercise, then you don’t feel safe

-I AM NOT SAFE – Safety is the number 1 wound for the collective conscious right now

-Its the over and under nurtured, the I can’t trust myself, money problems, weight issues and government issues in our lives

-I AM NOT SEEN- You stopped seeing yourself and you self-abandoned

-I AM NOT HEARD-You feel small and insignificant

-I AM NOT LOVED-You are unable to receive love from others

-Tell the body that its totally safe for me to be love and give love.

-Action Step is to find what makes you feel really safe, to love your imperfections, love another, find safety in your mission, love someone more than they love you, etc.

-Make an intention to love yourself and not self abandon again

-How can we make being safe, actually feel safe? What are you not safe from? How do you create safety within? How can you be safe as yourself?

-The soul will create rock bottom moments for you so you will know how strong you are

-How can you see? How can you hear? See and hear yourself via your them song, your favorite things and your story

-If you trusted your own inner guidance, you would never question anything

-What’s your theme song?

-Deserving and gratitude are the same frequency

-Your Guru is your realityand it shows you who and what you are: look at your time, health, money and relationships

-Listen to Podcast: Letting go of obligations without Guilt

-You cannot shift into new timeline without letting go of the other

-Conscious mind has 6-8 second attention span. You cannot hold focus so you cannot manifest through it.

-Subconscious=focus=manifestation (breath, heartbeat)

-Your dreams will tel lyou what you need to know if you’re not very aware

*Shift perspective and debate anything negative that comes through



  1. Stop sabotaging and do your ‘I Am’ homework. Set your alarms for every hour for 24 hours
  2. “I Am” orgasm via self session or with a partner
  3. Wounding Work