Lesson 14 – QPC Notes – Step 4 Protection

Quantum Pattern Clearing Workshop

Step 4: Protection


-The carrot is our desire.  Ego has Expectation of how the progression should show up.

-Flow moves in the direction for our best growth in this life.

-The best and easiest thing you can do is to float and go with the flow

-Everyone is in the exact and most perfect place in the current moment for their ascension.

-Everything we want or are asking for for others is actually for ourselves.

-Self love comes in as empaths, when we see the potential of people who are not awake, we see their potential and it hurts us when they aren’t living up to it. It will continue to hurt us until we realize that it is simply a mirror for us to realize that we aren’t living up to our own potential.

-Sometimes our only job is to sit with people in the dark and remind them of who they are.

-W are still in the storm of suffering right now.  Its pushing us into being done.  This pressure brings strength…we’re making the unconscious conscious.

Step 4: Protection

-Ask yourself, “How is this serving me?”

-This is the best question to ask when you continue to manifest things you don’t want.

-Ground yourself to ensure that you’re present before you begin.

-Let your mind go where it wants to in order to see what has been suppressed.

-Ask yourself questions until you get to the bottom or the floor.

-Allow yourself to experience every bit of pain that broke your heart, but feel it through awareness.

-There is no processing needed, you must only become aware

-Breathe the incorrect belief into your hands and give it back to God

-You will then begin to float back up, feeling lighter, less burdened and less toxic to yourself.


1.  Go home and begin asking questions.