Lesson 15 – QPC Notes – Step 5 – Intention

Quantum Pattern Clearing Workshop

Step 5: Intention


-The carrot is our desire.  Ego has Expectation of how the progression should show up.

-Flow moves in the direction for our best growth in this life.

-The best and easiest thing you can do is to float and go with the flow

-Everyone is in the exact and most perfect place in the current moment for their ascension.

-Everything we want or are asking for for others is actually for ourselves.

-Self love comes in as empaths, when we see the potential of people who are not awake, we see their potential and it hurts us when they aren’t living up to it. It will continue to hurt us until we realize that it is simply a mirror for us to realize that we aren’t living up to our own potential.

-Sometimes our only job is to sit with people in the dark and remind them of who they are.

-W are still in the storm of suffering right now.  Its pushing us into being done.  This pressure brings strength…we’re making the unconscious conscious.

Step 5: Intention

-Self-judgment is feeling unloved and unworthy and shuts down your awareness, your nervous system and your intuitive gifts.

-New intention can be based on who you feel you are in the next moment

-We are only here to be loyal to our higher selves.

-Bring out your ‘I Ams’  Ex.  I am someone that wants to feel loved, I am someone that feels safe

-Over thinking is a safety mechanism

-Ego uses your own morality against you in your ascension process.  Ex. loyalty, compassion, obligation

-Ask yourself, “Where do you feel the path of least resistance?”

-Don’t make it so farfetched that your ego can use it against you.

-Everything you are doing is perfect but your ego is using it against you.

-Everything in the subconscious mind is a program and he ego will search those programs to use against you

-We really have to learn discernment in this part of the process.  It is a moment by moment choice of how we wish to show up

-Ego will use your spirituality against us in the last phases of this process

-Your intention has to be pure of heart and reflect where you know you can go next after clearing a particular shadow

-When we do this process, we are healing our lineage by going into our unconscious.  Taking action at an energetic level has a huge effect.


1.  Go home and begin setting your intention.