Lesson 16 – FORM – Graduation Checklist

Light Coaching Certification

Graduation Checklist

-Biography and profile picture for TWC website

Set up auto draft of $15/mo fee to Transcendence for marketing & hosting

(fee subject to change based on hosting site & upgrades)

-Completed Policy page

Expectations of coach/client relationship

Details on how to access Skype

Details refund policy

Details cancellation policy

-Outline of Initial consultation

Free and length of session?

Paid and length of session?

-Business Card

-Paypal Account set up

-Pricing Structure and Packages

Price of Individual Sessions

Packages created

-Outline of Marketing




-Squareup.com profile complete

-Customized Intake form

-Demo Consultation with Jessica or Amber

-Affiliate Distribution Programs setup


Photonic Light

-Time Travel

Student must time travel someone else a minimum of 10 sessions

-Must record at least one session and email to Jessica

-Must include one or two class veterans and

-Must include multiple other students

-Cannot be the same 2 or 3 students repeatedly as you must learn to work with as many personality types as possible.

Student must be time traveled by someone else a minimum of 10 sessions

All sessions should be documented using the Time Travel log

Light Coaching Graduation Checklist 8.24.16