Lesson 17 – QCP Notes – Step 6 & 7 – Reward & Practice

Quantum Pattern Clearing Workshop

Step 6: Reward


-The carrot is our desire.  Ego has Expectation of how the progression should show up.

-Flow moves in the direction for our best growth in this life.

-The best and easiest thing you can do is to float and go with the flow

-Everyone is in the exact and most perfect place in the current moment for their ascension.

-Everything we want or are asking for for others is actually for ourselves.

-Self love comes in as empaths, when we see the potential of people who are not awake, we see their potential and it hurts us when they aren’t living up to it. It will continue to hurt us until we realize that it is simply a mirror for us to realize that we aren’t living up to our own potential.

-Sometimes our only job is to sit with people in the dark and remind them of who they are.

-W are still in the storm of suffering right now.  Its pushing us into being done.  This pressure brings strength…we’re making the unconscious conscious.

Step 6:  Reward

-Reward is about knowing that good things are coming

-Your soul reward system is that you need to self sooth completely differently than you have in the past.

-Fake it long enough until your vibration matches your new reward

-Practice holding your vibration.  If you are wishy washy, the universe will take the new reward away.

-If you’re going to change, you have to change completely.

-The upcoming Lions Gate energy will make this easier for us.

-If you want to be abundant, then tell the universe you are abundant over and over again

-Do not concern yourself with how the new reward shows up, just focus on the reward itself.

-The ego reward is contracting

-The soul reward is expansive.

-Nature vs. TV

-Meditate vs. Medicate

Step 7:  Practice

If the QPC process is nothing more than a movie script, then we have to hold the new character so that everyone else will read off the new script.

-Do Not break your new character!

-You are a method actor; you live, breath, eat, sleep and bleed your new character

-You have to get 100% focused and walk around with blinders on


1.  Go home and begin clearing your patterns!!