Lesson 18 – Week 4 – Class Notes – Social Media 101

Quantum Light Coaching Class

Section 9 – Week 4


Recitation of Light Coaching Creed

We will begin each course reciting the Light Coaching Creed as an affirmation

and a means to set our intention of what we will manifest as Light Coaches.



We will always begin each class with a brief grounding to help with any triggers

That may come up as a result of the things being discussed in each class.

Grounding is important to make sure you are connected to Mother Earth and God.

Carry crystals or sage in your pocket to help with this on a regular basis.



-Top 3 Social Media platforms are Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest

-Social Media allows you visibility on new platforms

-Devote 10% of your social media time to new platforms

-Business and personal life merge for Life coaches on your personal page

-So be aware of what you share on your personal page as you are now your brand

-Business page you have to pay to share with more people, so its more effective to post on your business page first and then share to your personal page

-Add Friends–>Select Friend icon–>import contacts–>import from your email host

-Add all friends, business contacts and partners as friends

-Only add people you know personally

-Ad dthem on the spot at a networking event

-Dont forget church friends or bowling league buddies

-Post open ended question and be sure to reply to all comments (reply with a question when possible)

-Each interaction and reply moves your post back to the top of all your friends’s newsfeeds

-Indirect posts-post open ended questions about somethig specific and create a referral. (Ex. How many of you are considering retiring, moving or changing jobs in the next year?) You can then share contact info of friends in your network and ask them to do the same for you in exchange

**Your business page reaches only about 10% of your followers**

-You can run ads just for those that have like your business page

-Be sure to fill out the About section completely on your business page

-Join facebook groups and networking groups. They often allow self-promotion on a weekly basis, so take advantage of the free advertising

-Lead with Generosity-post something like: “I want to make sure that I’ve like all my friends’ facebook business pages, so please post a link to your business page below”

-This creates atmosphere of genuiness and reciprocal promotion

-Likes on a page=credibility for potential clients

-Invite friends and business partners to like your page as soon as you accept their friend request Go to: Your Facebook home page/More/Invite Friends

-Try to like your friends pages with both your personal and business page

-Can like a post as your business page by clicking on top right profile picture and selecting a different profile

-61% of people buy from business that produce original content

-People prefer articles and videos vs. ads

**Create valuable, shareable content** (Content Marketing)

-The phone is now the TV and the TV is now the radio in terms of use and focus of the average consumer

-Promote with facebook ads if you’ve done your research or if you’ve hired someone who does

-Its easy to spend a lot of money and not get very far by advertising on facebook

**Recommend Jon Loomer as a resource for facebook advertising reserach

-Your #1 priority should always be to provide value NOT to make money

-You can switch your Instagram accoutn to a business account and it will show you peak times to post

-As you gain notariety, if you’d like to reserve your personal page only for friends and people you actually know, you can message people that send you a friend request with a brief message directly them to your business page instead: “I’m reserving my personal page for people I actually know but please follow my business page. I’ve included the link for you. Thanks so much for your support!”

-FACEBOOK LIVE is important because it allows people to see the real you and it makes you seem more genuine

-People are moving away from recorded video as it puts up a wall between them and the person they’re following

-People buy from live ads (QVC) more than they buy from recorded ads (Commercials)

-When using facebook live, Go Live and Go Immediately

-Make your message direct and brief

-Always post a preview “We’re going live in 10minutes. Join us!”

-Do 5 Q&A questions a week for facebook live

*Bonus: pull quotes from facebook live and use canva.com to create memes (new content) with less work

-INSIGHTS TAB-only on professional page and only shows up once you have 30 likes. It provides basic data. You can click on people in the bototm left and it provides more detailed info

-MESSENGER-you can send or request money in messenger by linking your business account

-Its the 3 dot icon in the bottom right of your message

-The money does not transfer instantly, usually the next day and can possible take 3-5 business days for it to show in the receiving account

-EVENTS-it takes 3000 invites to get 100 people to the event

-Get co-hosts and have them invite their friends list as well. Saturates invites more effectively

-Send 2 reminders to those who’ve RSVPd

–>one 72 hours and one 24 hours prior to the event

–>remind them to switch from ‘interested’ to ‘going’

-Use EventBrite or paypal for payment platform for events

–>Select Tickets option when setting up your event

Recommended Book:

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hookby Gary Vaynerchuk