Lesson 2 – Quantum Pattern Clearing Overview – Notes

Quantum Pattern Clearing Workshop

Recitation of Light Coaching Creed

We will begin each course reciting the Light Coaching Creed as an affirmation and a means to set our intention of what we will manifest as Light Coaches.


We begin class with a brief grounding to help with any triggers

That may come up as a result of the things being discussed in each class.

Grounding is important to make sure you are connected to Mother Earth and God.

Carry crystals or sage in your pocket to help with this on a regular basis.


**Jess shares the story of her recent dark night**

-We want to shed anything that is not the frequency of God (love)

-We picked the perfect family, incarnation and body to start this life

-We’ve never not been in the perfect moment.

-As soon as we feel safe, we begin to heal.

-When we’re in a state of survival, we do not heal.

-We go into fear so that we do not have to feel grief.

-A pattern = a program = an archetype

-To be a vibrational match to our higher self, we cannot have any internal density.

-We run different programs based on who we spend time with and because we are all individuals  running different frequencies, one of us has to alter our frequency to be a match to whomever we’re with.

-Since you’re an empath, you are the one that alters your frequency.  You cannot help it!

-A break through comes for the break down.

-Your home, your car, the government, whatever you resists, all exist to show you what pattern in your life that you’re not allowing yourself to see.

-The first 7 years of our lives are about survival, pain/reward and ego.

-When we change a pattern, we have to replace the old negative reward with a new positive one.

-Our body is here to run programs and it doesn’t care which one it runs.

-How do we get these programs?

-They are created out of survival, not awareness.

-Reptilian brain:  pattern and reward – survival – where limiting and self sabotaging patterns are born.

-We’re never aware of our patterns until it shows up in our reality.

-REMEMBER:  Your reality is your guru.

-The old pattern starts at the root and moves up towards the crown chakra.

-Your manifestation or your root trigger is equal to your root chakra.

-Pattern brain moves into fight or flight.  We want to feel better, but we are disconnected from our higher selves so we have minimal awareness so fight/flight/freeze sets in.

-Our first instinct/primal instinct is that we want to feel better.

-We move towards our addiction-your body is addicted to feeling better.  Ex. sex, drugs, alcohol, life coach sessions, shopping, food, etc.

-Addiction is not a bad word, it merely represents something that is outside of our control.  It is equivalent to passion or our purpose in life.

-So we use our addiction to stop the pattern/pain

-We use our earth based chakras, the root and the sacral, to solve these problems.

-The sacral chakra = limbic brain = emotional brain

-It’s our desire to feel better and our body is addicted to feeling better and we need Dopamine and Oxytocin to feel better.

-If you don’t change the pattern, your life will be the same with all the same issues.

-So how do we truly change a pattern?

-To change a pattern, we have to switch to our God brain/creator brain/frontal cortex.

-What rewards fits in place of the old deep reward patterns?

-Your highest excitement, even if it’s an urge, will take you directly to your wound.

-The old patterns play hero or victim.

-Use the BrainTap to go through the 7 chakras in conjunction with this process.

-Pattern = blueprint=belief system-as soon as you change it, you begin to show up differently.

-Everything is a form of protection from feeling/experiencing a broken heart.

Quantum Pattern Clearing Process

We start at the crown chakra with our wisdom and knowingness.

1.  Notice (Crown):  Notice the pattern & observe the feeling /emotion associated with that pattern.  Write it down using pen and paper.

2.  Investigate (Third Eye):  When did I feel this way before?  Write down how you feel.  Because it’s a 3D pattern, use pen and paper to record the process.

3.  Acceptance (Throat):  Accept that this is happening as the result of an old pattern.  The number 3 is a very healing number and acceptance will help you to surrender the old pattern.  Accept that you created this pattern without any awareness.

4.  Protection (Heart):  We are in protection of a broken heart.  So how has this pattern protected you?  This is the wall around your heart.  How has it served you?  The protection program is completely illogical.

5.  Intention (Solar Plexus):  Set a new and expanded intention using your “I Am”.  Take responsibility for who I am now.  In the zero point of the quantum field, with awareness, we’ve cleared the space and now I need to fill it with something else or the ego will freak out.  So we have to honor the ego process and move into the ‘I Am’ frequency of new reward.  It has to feel as good as the old program.

6.  Reward (Sacral):  Create a new and expansive reward program/mechanism.

7.  Practice (Root):  Practice with the new reward!!


1.  Go home and start noticing your patterns and using this tool to help clear them.

-Discover what reward will help you turn up your light

-Then take the next pattern and do it all over again.