Lesson 2 – Week 1 – Class Notes – Finding the Gift in Your Trigger

Quantum Light Coaching Class

Class 16 – Week 1


Recitation of Light Coaching Creed

We will begin each course reciting the Light Coaching Creed as an affirmation

and a means to set our intention of what we will manifest as Light Coaches.



We will always begin each class with a brief grounding to help with any triggers

That may come up as a result of the things being discussed in each class.

Grounding is important to make sure you are connected to Mother Earth and God.

Carry crystals or sage in your pocket to help with this on a regular basis.



-We’re merging timelines and being forced to let go of anything that isn’t for us right now.

-We’re going through growing pains as spiritual beings, not as physical human beings.

-We have to get rid of everything that is in the way of becoming who we really are.

-You’re being asked to look at things differently and being forced to see how strong you are.

-Everything in your life right now is manifesting to push you out of your comfort zone and you’re being forced to grow.

-Our bodies remember everything and we have spiritual amnesia.

-If you have self-love then you have control issues and the universe is going to take everything you try to control away-you will have nothing to control.

-If you have freedom issues, then everything you’ve ever tried to run away from will show up and try to control you.

-The first two 7 year cycles teach you who you are NOT… you learn the opposite of love and joy and happiness.

-You un-become until you’re done with that.

-Then you start to become and remember who you really are.

-Realize that all your triggers are your next clue to help you figure out the next step on your journey.

-May is leveling you up by taking away all your old tricks and cheat codes. You’re not as charming this month as you were last month nor are you able to manipulate like you were before.

-What in your life brings you safety?

-Do you feel safe with money? In your body? With your time? In your home? With yourself? In your relationship? Not in a relationship?

-Ego doesn’t want to let go of your pain because pain is your security blanket.

-Our safety blanket right now is time and space.

-50% service to ourselves and 505 service to others

-May is creating a large quantity of Desire….what do you want?

-As Empaths, we have blocked help and love because it always comes with conditions.

-So we push it away so it won’t hurt us anymore.

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1. Find the gifts in your triggers.