Lesson 3 – Becoming the Real You Week 1 – Notes

Becoming The Real You



In order to create a new blueprint, we must start from scratch. To become something we must start from nothing. We must bring the past into the future in order to create over ones past personality identity. This creates contradiction and confusion so we must begin as nothing to become something new.

30 Days to Becoming the Real You

As you open your eyes, you are integrating back into your physical body where you left your personality the night before. The cells are HARD wired with energy of the past and are loaded with stories, stress, desires, memories and traumas. This energy is felt through emotion which is ENERGY IN MOTION. Everything is in a held state as your mind is void of LOOKING at the body and all vibrations are in a state of neutrality.

Until your focus returns or until the real you enters back into your body, and looks and feels like itself, you are only potentials. It is at this moment in which your focus returns to your body that the You(the being who is conscious) DECIDES to pick up where you left off or begin anew. This is a difficult process as you integrate back into yourself to become ONE with your emotions, sensations, and all the chemical memories of who you were. These are all released via the messenger of first thought. That first thought creates the emotion that generates your hormones and sends them to every part of the physical you. But this isn’t who you are. This is the memory of you. This is the vehicle you utilize to create and experience your reality . This is where you must become super conscious.

“Every morning we are born again.   What we do today is what matters most.”  ~Buddha


Bedtime Super Consciousness – Awareness Practice

You will need:

  • Memory visualizations
  • Your new character (YOUR SYMBOL) + vision markers

Create a symbol of your higher self’s identity and goals. Ex. A key or a shape that you have integrated into this intention. You will want to incorporate your 3D senses in order to recognize your symbol.

Sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. You should have these items present. If you are in a mental state of lack and do not have something from the physical world to remind you of your higher self, you will need to harness the sensation from your imagination.

Symbols of future memories in each of the 4 categories:

  • Time – A memory of a private plane ride
  • Abundance – 50,000 people at my festival
  • Health – Running on the beach with kids
  • Relationships – My family with me while I receive an award

3D Activation Symbols

  • Sight – Amethyst crystal
  • Sound – Enya song
  • Taste – Dark gourmet chocolate
  • Touch – Cashmere
  • Smell – Eucalyptus

Preparing for the Next Day

Pick out clothes that your higher self would wear. (If you wear a uniform, add something to your outfit or body that represents one of your symbols)

Ideas to increase the speed of manifestation

  • Change your soap to oil based organic blend
  • Use baking soda or coconut oil toothpaste
  • Reduce overhead lighting and use lamps or natural light to get ready
  • Add calcium magnesium powder to your night time routine (2000mg v c)
  • Eat and abundance of healthy omega 3 fats
  • Get lots of exposure to sunlight (source of vitamin D)
  • B-complex
  • Clean water

Getting Ready for Bed

As you lay in your bed, realize this is the first moment of the rest of your life. You are about to rest the biggest form of resistance you have in creating your reality and, as the body gets tired (gives up the stress fight of the day), the You that is aware of the tired feelings, the aches and pains, the stressful moments of the day, the residue of anxiety caused by the thoughts of ‘should have’ and ‘have to’ of your current personality, begins to settle in and the hormones of your fight/flight response begin to give up their fight. This is the moment when you have a real opportunity to become much more than a body full of memories and hormones. You are beginning to move into an altered state of consciousness and this is when you must utilize the doorway of a calmer body and become the aware presence that is looking at the body that is the real you. Take a moment to separate from the bodies’ presence. This is extremely intoxicating and it will not be easy to do on your first try. But as you bring your awareness from the being in the body to looking at the body, you will notice the vast space you can give yourself with intended focus and it is only in this space that you can change your body’s blueprint.

  • Quiet your room, empty of any distractions.
  • Turn the lights down low, but not off.
  • Get yourself comfortable and begin to practice the art of relaxation. How this is done is through intended command and as you relax each part of your body, intend to go deeper and deeper notice where the body is holding stress even when relaxed and command to relax deeper.
  • Your body should be a comfortable temperature, not too hot and not too cold.

This is where we will begin to rewrite the biography of your biochemistry. This is where we create THE NEW YOU.

  • In your womb like setting, notice your breath.
  • Once you have observed your own breath, take back control of your subconscious breathing pattern and begin to breathe for your body.
  • Take 5 deep belly breaths, holding this intention in your mind
  • oFirst breath – I Am {feel/see the symbol}
  • oSecond breath – I Am {feel/see the symbol with your third eye and heart}
  • As your body begins to shift from stress/anxiety to excitement (these emotions are on the same frequency) allow your breath to continue.
  • Choose a song that represents your symbol .
  • Take 5 min and listen to this song on loop and visualize LIVING OUT YOUR NEW I AM using your new selected symbolic memory markers. You are projecting yourself into the future looking at your new past.
  • Set an intention that you will surrender now and let go.
  • Turn your body over to the greater power and allow it to begin repairing and re-setting itself
  • Visualize and allow yourself to feel this.
  • Imagine billions of tiny cells all working to build new, healthy, and ageless versions of themselves.
  • Surrender your mind to a higher mind, a mind that remains non-physical and can see all future potentials.
  • Surrender to your non-physical guides, healers and teachers. They are awaiting your command to help you become this new you.
  • Imagine them healing you and downloading your divine purpose and instructions to you.
  • Allow them to open up the channel for direct connection and give them permission to help you align with your maximum potential.
  • You have surrendered the mind, body and soul…the Me, myself and the I…You are now free to return home to source energy.


Morning Super Conscious Awareness – Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

“When everything changes, change everything.”

~Jessica Alstrom


Before You Get Out of Bed

  • Set alarm for 10-30 min earlier than normal.
  • As your eyes open, take a moment and look for your symbol
  • Before you feel your body, feel your symbol. Feel the new you inside the old you.
  • Take your 5 deep belly breaths and repeat your routine from the night before.
  • Feel your new presence over your old one.
  • Notice the past trying to come back.
  • Breath and play your song on a loop for 5 minutes as you visualize your character’s day, week, month, and year. (You may see new inspirations and ideas)
  • Breathe

It’s time to interrupt the pattern of who you have been. 90% of your day is automatic. Your body attunes to the character that you are focused on and your day plays you out exactly as the whole you believes it will. Your hopes, your insecurities, your wants and even the things you don’t want are all being played out like a scene from a movie, both consciously and unconsciously.

Our goal is to become conscious for 90% of our day. We do this is by being different.

The first thing most people do in the morning is use the bath room. We brush our teeth, shower and dress. This is the time when your body is in the present moment and is awaiting your next queue. YOU ARE IN THE THETA BRAINWAVE. Ask, what do I need from my body? It is waiting on you to tell it what it is. If you check out of your body, you will default back into auto pilot mode and assume the character that you have played the longest.

Change your morning routine as much as possible. Just by waking up earlier you will be in less of a stress response, which then allows you to be more present and more intelligent. THRIVE SURVIVE.

Try a few new ways of doing things. Brush your teeth using the other hand. Do the same thing when brushing your hair. Making minor adjustments to your routine such as these will command yourself to be present. Don’t forget to dress as your higher self.

Your Morning Commute

As you begin your commute, whether it is to your home office or your job or taking kids to school, change the route you drive. Listen to music that keeps Higher Self-present. NO MATTER WHAT THE WEATHER OR SITUATION.

If you are in a job you do not enjoy:

  • Park your car and spend 5 minutes in the theta brainwave using breath, vision and symbols.
  • Tell your body that this job is temporary and you will be playing the role of your higher self today. You will be practicing the art of being your best self.
  • Pretend that your new life is arriving in 30 days and know that a shift in your Me, Myself & I causes a shift in your entire UNIVERSE. You will not need hope, you will only need to be different.
  • Do not speak unless it’s the voice of your higher self
  • Do not watch anything that your higher self wouldn’t watch
  • Do not interact as your old self. (Your body language will be different so this will be easier)
  • Have a picture or something as the symbol of your new intention and keep it with you at all times.
  • Take your breaks and spend them alone in your car, dream building or being still or one with nature.

Daytime Super Conscious Practice

Change Your Diet

Ask yourself, What would higher self-eat? Choose a diet that consists of micro and macro nutrients, live foods and eliminate processed foods, white sugar and white flour. Eat organic when you can and foods that match who and what the new you would like and require.


Mindful Eating

As you eat your food, think about the process it took to get to you. From seedling to your plate, using your imagination, think over the events and people involved in providing you with this meal. Express and/or feel gratitude as you eat. This allows digestion to work perfectly and allows the body to actually utilize the nutrition stored in these foods instead of storing it when the mind and body are in fight/flight.


Keep your proof journal

The following things are frequently used by the spirit world to communicate with us. They are indicators to you that you are being watched and guided.

  • Notice animals that come into your awareness
  • Notice music
  • Notice repetitive number sequences



Because you are spending a lot less energy on stress and drama in your outside world, you will have more energy to move your physical body for at least 20 minutes every day. Do this in place of socializing or vegging out in front of the TV. Move your body with the intention to feel good, confident and strong. This improves your breathing and posture which subconsciously creates more confidence is your emotional field.



Include space for your genius ideas to unfold. If they feel overwhelming, write them down. Your intuition has been overloaded and it will dump on you all at once if given the space and freedom to do so.

Working Through Triggers

Response verses react (Do your night time process )


The Reminding Process

The act of changing one’s mind or allowing yourself to change your heart and mind about everything this first week.


Prepare for Ego Sabotage