Lesson 4 – ARTICLE – 11 Ways to Rid Your Home of Negativ Energetic Activity

11 Ways to Rid your Home of Negative Energetic Activity

People have asked me on numerous occasions to come to their homes and clear their spaces.

The Laws of the Universe state that like attracts like, so when a space is cleared, the energy that dwells there on a daily basis must rise above negativity to keep the space clean and clear. It is not a one-time-thing. It is an on-going practice of being responsible.Being responsible is the ability to respond to your own manifestations. Yes, that is correct.If you are living with negativity energy, it is because you are a match to it. Here are 11 tips for cleaning and clearing your space of negative non-physical activity and entities. The rest is up to you to hold a transparent and positive vibration on a daily basis.

  1. DE-CLUTTER-Energy does not die, it just changes form.Negative energy will settle on clutter and on unloved or overwhelming matter, such as piles of papers, old unloved items and excessive items. I know this can be daunting and overwhelming, but your home should be a space of healing and sanctuary while clutter keeps this from happening by allowing negative, overwhelmed vibrations to stay active in your home.
  2. GET RID OF ANYHTING YOU DO NOT USE OR LOVE-When you remove items that are clutter, old and unloved and used to create a vacuum for the Universe. You are literally telling the Universe that, “I surround myself with only things I love and use”. This lets the Universe know who you are and alerts it that it can now bring more things into your life that represent that same vibration. If you struggle to let go, understand that this is coming from a past time-line issue such as a belief in lack or loss, and it should be addressed.
  3. ALLOW THE SUN TO PENTRATE YOUR HOME-The Sun is light and light is information. Light has the highest vibration, next to sound, and with its intense healing ability and sharing of information, your home will be in alignment with Mother Nature and will vibrate at the same frequency as LOVE.
  4. HOUSE AN ABUNDANCE OF LIVE PLANTS AND NATURE IN YOUR HOME-Whether that be animals, plants or sea life, nature helps us heal and holds the frequency of love.Plants purify and absorb negative energy and help to clean the air.Animals remind us to be ourselves and to love unconditionally.
  5. GET SALT LAMPS FOR AS MANY ROOMS AS YOU CAN IN YOUR HOME-Salt lamps absorb negative energy and purify any negative energy that may have attached itself to you through out your normal daily activities.
  6. SAGE-Sage has a very high vibration and is a plant that has great clearing abilities.It can be helpful to sage your home periodically, especially if you are empathic and/or psychic, as your vibration will be become like that of the bat signal to the non-physical world. Pay special attention to windows, doors, vents and mirrors as they are considered portal entrances for energy.
  7. CLASSICAL MUSIC OR MEDITATION MUSIC-Playing soft background music in your home 24/7 will hold a high frequency in the space and keep like a tuning fork things in alignment.
  8. CREATE A SANTURARY WITHIN YOUR HOME FOR MEDITATION AND REBOOTING-Especially if you have a big family and or pets it is important to have a space just for you with your special things that help sooth you and heal . Your home should tell your brain, “I am safe“, as soon as you pull into your driveway. Otherwise, the chaos of the day will increase and you will become tired, unorganized and lack motivation.
  9. DEFUSE ESSENTIAL OILS OR HERBS-Plants and herbs are spirit guides with great healing abilities.Defusing lemon, frankincense and myrrh or any other essential oil into the air helps to create ahigh vibrational frequency of healing, purification and love.
  10. TURN YOUR WIFI, PHONES & COMPUTERS OFF BEFORE BED-While you slumber it is essential that there is no incoming data and information streaming live in your body that affects the brain waves and subconscious activity.
  11. WORK ON CREATING HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS WITHIN YOUR FAMILY-Any negative energy that is in your home is a byproduct of your own frequency.The Law of Attraction and the Law of Reflection state that like attracts like, so if there’s negative energy in the home, then there’s negative energy that’s being regenerated.Work with your Life coach to clear FEAR, RESENTMENT, SHAME, GUILT, and HUMILITATION from the household. These shadow emotions stored in your energy field will affect your home’s stability and the health of everyone in it, including your pets.
    Be aware of your own energy and keep your vibration high!Much love and light, Jessica Alstrom