Lesson 7 – Becoming the Real You Week 2 – Notes

Becoming the New You

Workshop Week 2 – The Visionary

The understanding of the Me, Myself and I are outlined in TICA as the understanding of the 3 levels of consciousness that make up who you are.

  • Conscious – Plans, goals, choice, willpower, actions, future thinker, – generates 5% of your vibration
  • Subconscious – Beliefs, imagination, memories, fear, resentment, behavior, self-image identity, Akashic records reflection and projection, timeline access – generates 90% of your vibration – THE BODY – the pitcher
  • Unconscious – Secrets, shame, guilt, humiliation, trauma, loss, grief, dark matter, timeline soup, ancestors, bloodline, genetics – 5%of vibration – the batter

Me – The ego – lower self (separation) the catcher

Myself – The body – governing and manifesting (connection multidimensional)

I – The I Am presence – higher self (unity)

To become a master of the Law of Attraction and create your reality through the united triad – Conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind – you must have the same script playing throughout each part of the triad. Currently, you telling three different stories to the universe and the universe is listening intently. Consequently, it is delivering an exact and perfect reflection of the 3 distinct vibrations coming from the triad of your conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind.

  • Conscious – I want life (desire) think, talk, dream
  • Subconscious – I don’t have life (lack ) fight or flight – action and behavior
  • Unconscious – I need life (void ) I will take and continue to create void to fill my self

To understand the difference between the scripts that the Universe is reflecting back to you is to understand your manifestations. Do receive what you desire only for it to be just enough or be taken away due to some outside event?

To visualize is to utilize a different part of the subconscious, which is the same thing as your imagination. Your imagination is a vast ocean of potential probabilities and parallel realities. Using your subconscious/imagination as your conscious navigation will open the door to remote viewing your desired parallel reality. This interrupts your past programs/projections that are playing out in your life as if on autopilot. This is the only way to become something NEW.

To use vision is to summon the feeling associated with your desired reality. Imagination is used to remote view a future memory from the standpoint of the past. BOTH are essential for generating a NEW program and virtual reality. You can not create from a thinking state as thinking is the shallow state of creation that has the shortest attention span. It is a burst of dreaming that has no backbone or vibration to support any follow through on things. In order for your dream to become a vision, and that vision to be imagined and felt into the void of you, then that image must be practiced out in your body over and over again. This must be done until the both the unconscious and subconscious minds become conscious. It is only when you intentionally begin to behave differently will you see what your programs are and recognize what you really believe about your own ability and worthiness. It is only when you reach the void that you set can yourself free.

Your memories are the most intoxicating thing for your body. Your body holds tight to your memories because it uses them as a script for your day to day life. Memory tells the body which DNA to activate, what behaviors and beliefs to make copies of, to create anew or to destroy. This all comes from belief.

Observation, Practice & Experience Create a Belief

Belief – Be the lie – The body plays this out better than any actor to date. The body does not ask why, it just follows the belief regardless of the vitality of its own health. The body is the soldier carrying out direct orders. These orders are always followed even at the risk of its own death.

Believe it or not your life is an endless circle of stories that lead back to an initial program. The faces and places may change but the outcome is always the same. The body copies its identity over and over again, closing its energy field, needing protection, feeling judgment, emptiness and loneliness. This is how disease and mental illness are born.

To use vision takes a huge amount of NEW ENERGY POTENTIALS rather than memories.

To inspire vision requires looking outside yourself for higher self’s reflection in others.

What inspires you? What fires you up? This is a direct reflection of your higher self, not dissimilar to your triggers being a reflection of your lower self.

Use inspiration to rediscover your higher self. Then visualize your unique self in that reality. Summon the feelings and drench every cell in the body with these feelings of inspired excitement.

Pretend and practice this vision all day long utilizing your imagination to remember future events. Use the intense emotion associated with these future events to bring them into vibrational alignment. This will anchor your new belief into your subconscious and unconscious mind. It will create an automatic script for your body to follow using your DNA to build the new blueprint for the foundation of who you are, clearing the charge of the past belief as it becomes neutral.