Lesson 7 – QPC Notes – Step 1 Notice

Quantum Pattern Clearing Workshop

Step 1:  Notice


-When doing pattern work, don’t try to do it all in one week

***Jess shares store of her operating place***

-Turn on emotionally moving music.  Once you move into emotional release, start having a conversation with yourself.

-Ground a lot right now.  Energies on the planet are too fluctuating.  Plus it helps you retain the information you know.

-Ground yourself and stay in your body to feel the feelings.

-Go into your heart chakra and think of something you love unconditionally.

-Self love comes from the love we witness around us as a child.

-We don’t want to feel our beliefs so we do everything we can to avoid them.  Ex. Medicate, isolate, project, deny, etc.

-You’re only as enlightened as your point of awareness.  It has nothing to do with having a wealth of spiritual knowledge.

-Not having a memory is disassociation.  It’s safer not to remember.

-The pain is the cae that leads to heaven

-As soon as we realize that pain “is only pain”, we move into heave and transcend ourselves.

-Observe the symptom, not the root.

-Overweight people wear their sadness on the outside and I wear mine on the inside.

-Judgment vs. Observation

-Step 1 (your pattern) is just a symptom!!

-No judgment!!!


1.  Go home and start noticing your patterns.