Lesson 8 – Week 2 – Class Notes – Light Through the Darkness

Quantum Light Coaching Class

Class 11 – Week 2


Recitation of Light Coaching Creed

We will begin each course reciting the Light Coaching Creed as an affirmation

and a means to set our intention of what we will manifest as Light Coaches.



We will always begin each class with a brief grounding to help with any triggers

That may come up as a result of the things being discussed in each class.

Grounding is important to make sure you are connected to Mother Earth and God.

Carry crystals or sage in your pocket to help with this on a regular basis.



-A lot of us grow through pain…we’re shadow hunters

-If you’re going through hell right now, know that it’s your cocooning process

-You’ve been playing your victim AND your hero all in this same lifetime

-You embody both the victim and the perpetrator characteristics

-You fluctuate back and forth between roles throughout your life, even throughout a single day

*Jess explains channeling*

*Jess shares the story of her recent time travels*



1. Go home and look at your life differently