Lesson 9 – QPC Notes – Step 2 – Investigate

Quantum Pattern Clearing Workshop

Step 2:  Investigate


-We’re feeling the pressure of having to act differently with our old patterns.

-What have you done to cover up that feeling of being different or feeling alone?

-Normally, we wait for the universe to put pressure on us to do the thing we need to do.

-The new pattern or program is more in alignment with who you really are than the old pattern that you are currently running.

-When you’re not in the present moment, something will happen to bring you back to your body and put in into the present moment.

-Right now, your higher self is manifesting for you instantly.

-But it won’t manifest what you want, it will manifest what you need.

-All that is showing up right now is a gift.  Your perspective labels it as good or bad.

-We are diving head first into relationship issues right now.

-What does that relationship issue represent?

-We have too much judgment.

**Exercise in self-judgment**

-Everyone is lost in 3D right now.

-Your children are your teachers (fur babies, too)

-You are so comfortable in your patterns with the people that you love that you need a different relationship to see your pattern.

-Ask yourself once you’re in the new relationship when you have felt these feelings before.

-Higher self will only ever give you what you need.

-It will show up exactly when it needs to.  You can’t force it.

-We automatically see ourselves through another’s eyes, not our own.

-What does this person represent?  When have I felt this way before?

-Higher self is the frequency of love.

-How many programs do you have running on auto-pilot?  And how many of those programs are running at the same time?

***Kara Shares***

-It’s the pattern that you’re mad at, not the external circumstance.


1.  Go home and start investigating.