Lesson 9 – Week 4 – Class Notes – Trust & Creating Your Freedom

Quantum Light Coaching Class

Class 15 – Week 4


Recitation of Light Coaching Creed

We will begin each course reciting the Light Coaching Creed as an affirmation

and a means to set our intention of what we will manifest as Light Coaches.



We will always begin each class with a brief grounding to help with any triggers

That may come up as a result of the things being discussed in each class.

Grounding is important to make sure you are connected to Mother Earth and God.

Carry crystals or sage in your pocket to help with this on a regular basis.



-The most thing right now is trust!

-If you think you’re at the end of your journey, look at how much freedom you have with your time, money, health and relationships

-How authentic are you in your relationships?

-Where are you stifled? That is your lesson and your purpose

-If you don’t have Wi-Fi for a week, the universe is telling you to plug into yourself and not the matrix

-Learn to trust yourself-don’t ask anything outside of yourself for advice…go within

-When you trust others and do what they advise and it doesn’t work, you think, “I must be a bad person” or “something must be wrong with me”

-But that’s not right/true! If you had listened to yourself vs. someone else, things might have turned out differently

**Mary example**

**Kara example**

-Life will take you exactly where you’re supposed to be but only within the parameters of your belief systems

-What are you trusting in that is your PTSD?

-Your life has been war so you need to re-wire your 3D brain in order to fulfill your purpose

-Everything you’ve ever done in life is on purpose but it’s through the path of least resistance, not your path of highest joy.

-How do we trust where we’ve never trusted before?

-You’re not afraid of the future, you’re afraid of repeating the past.

-Fear is a remembrance of pain

-When you get empty or have a problem to solve, you’re forced to become a master and solve that problem.

-Don’t make fear based decisions because you will get fear based lessons.

-You accelerate your journey when the well dries up, not when it’s full.

-When you get to zero point, you’re everything and nothing all at the same time.

-Empty yourself of all biases and judgments and just show up and LISTEN…

-When the universe removes that job or relationship, you’re being forced to be with yourself and look in the mirror at yourself.

-Your inspiration is your billionaire status.

-If you’re manifesting a brake down, break up or break through, then your well has run dry and it’s time to go within. Get serious about where you let your boundaries slide? Where are you not focusing on your joy? Where are you not loving yourself?



1. Work on creating freedom in your four life areas of time, money, health and relationships.

2. Without judgment, look at the “shoes” you’ve been given when you wanted something else. Look at the darkness you’re in and find a way to use it and appreciate it as a tool for your journey.