Quantum Fitness – Week 1 Video


This Quantum Fitness 8-week workshop is a holistic approach to your wellness – emotionally, physically, and chemically – rather than the narrow view that your doctor has when you visit them with symptoms. We are first energy beings that turn into matter, and everything is entangled, so it’s essential to view humans as both electrical and electro-magnetic beings. The Quantum Fitness workshop will allow you to quickly shift, as Jess has applied her experience, mistakes, and bio-hacks. No need to wait years for these results!

The human body is an amazing survivor of circumstances, even to the point where the uncomfortable feels comfortable. Your immune system is a by-product of your immunity, and your immunity is your health, vibration, and vitality. When you are not being kind to yourself, a mutiny occurs, and your immune system declares war and attacks you. Auto-immune diseases are a slow-build up of an abandoned relationship with your body and deep storage of unresolved anger and grief within the body, that has built slowly. To fix this, you need to go on an inward journey of healing the mind and the relationship to self.

Healing will take place by working through all levels of your unconsciousness. Your superconscious – the you you think you are. Your subconscious – where your traumas and programs are stored. As well as the unconscious – your lineage and bloodline. It all matters.

Your symptoms are not the problem in your body, they are your check engine light. The underlying effect of the root trauma is the problem. When you begin to heal the wounds within, your symptoms resolve themselves. Self-care and self-love become crucial to your healing journey. This workshop is not a quick pill, but all of the healing will be discovered in the mirror, and if you commit to this, you can correct your mind and heal your body.

The mind creates the body, but it also shapes your reality. Your abundance, your freedom, how other people show up in your life, and your intolerances. Everything starts first as energy.

This first Quantum Fitness session is to break down some of your perceived “failures” to unlock your potential. You are not fat. You’re not weak. You’re not slow, small, invaluable. You are stressed.

Your body is like your smartphone, and your brain is your hard drive. It’s your central house for your receiving and perceiving data. The mind stores data like your phone’s cloud. You have an analytical mind (masculine) and imaginative mind (feminine). Your brain also breathes – information in, and information out. Your first seven years, your brain is learning how you are. Not it. You.

Your heart is who you really are, and it’s your command centre. The brain learns who you are through your observations, applications, and processes. It watches you discern the data you absorb. As a child, unless traumatised, your brain is in theta for the first seven years of your life. If traumatised then it switches to defensive beta waves. The human body is designed to thrive, but when your basic needs are not met, mental illness forms that teach the brain who you are.

As the brain is in two parts, it’s supposed to give and receive and find the balance point. When you’ve been in fight or flight too long, the brain moves into disassociation and long-term survival mode. This means you are continually creating and attracting pain and problems because you’re in a different reality with who you believe you are. This creates enormous stress on the body.

Your nervous system is your central electrical system. The spine is the central command system of the nervous system. The brain perceives the data and takes it into the nervous system as reality. The nervous system then has to decide what to do with that information. Your nervous system is in two parts – the parasympathetic and sympathetic.

When your body and brain senses (not experiences) danger in any form, your fight or flight is turned on – emotionally, physically, and chemically. Adrenaline then follows. You may not feel this every time (especially chemically), but the body is responding to it.

When you are in a stress response, adrenaline is activated to amplify your strength enormously. It’s designed to heighten your eyesight, heart rate and mobility. Fear, danger, shame, guilt, humiliation, resentment, anger, and grief all create internal adrenaline.

In fight or flight, your pupils dilate, your saliva production slows down, and your heartbeat accelerates. Your lungs compress, and your energy gets pushed from out of your centre so you can escape (originally, this was the body’s design for sabre tooth tiger danger levels). Your stomach stops digestion, your bladder quits, and your circulation goes out to your limbs from your organs. Your body fills with the adrenaline that your body was designed to burn in movement. Because we are no longer burning off the highly acidic adrenaline, your entire body is flooded. Instead of your body renewing and repairing after the incident of perceived danger, it now stores that acidity.

In the wild, it’s not fight, flight or freeze. Freeze only exists for humans as we’ve been taught that it’s a socially acceptable response in times of high stress. Throughout the Quantum Fitness workshop, Jess will explain how to use the adrenaline surge – in the moment – to repattern and repurpose it so you can return to a relaxed state. With this bio-hacked process, you’ll be to take any challenges and use them to increase your vitality.

Your brain doesn’t need to experience danger to trigger the stress response. It can happen if there is a memory of risk or a sense of impending doom. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between real life and imagination. It’s not outside of you, it’s internally studying your cellular memory to discern who you are. It’s always checking in across the body, and that means it’s still checking in on the old trauma you are hanging on to, even at a subconscious level. Your energy can burrow deep, and you’ll soon discover your unprocessed emotions stored in different parts of your body.

Everything can activate your fight or flight – everything – people, places and things. Because the freeze response is so common, you can often not even know that you’re activated, especially if you’ve been numbing in any way.

When you are in a parasympathetic response, your body goes into rest, repair and reboot, and your immunity turns back on. Your true solutions are available when your parasympathetic nervous system is turned on. You have better sleep, circulation, breathe, and you’re brain functions at capacity. Your intuition is also heightened, and you’re more motivated. Sounds good, huh?