Quantum Fitness – Week 2 Video


Take a step back from what you know about your body, mind, and soul, and reevaluate what you know and what you do. When you understand that the universe is simple, it’s crucial to take a step back to see what the issues where. You can’t solve a problem in the problem, you need perspective on where your blind spots are. You’ll be guided to discover these on this course, accompanied by applying the discipline required to make these shifts.

Your body will work efficiently if your energy can move through – and to – you. If your energy is not free-flowing, there is a block that needs to be resolved. How healthy can your body utilise and distribute energy? Not food or thought, but energy. Energy followed by movement/action then materialisation.

As an energy being, your body is either flowing and flourishing or in fight, flight, and freeze. When you are constantly in a state of stress, you remain in a chronic fight or flight sequence that feels normal. Over your life, you have gotten comfortable in pain, resistance, and survival mode. It doesn’t have to be the big things (like a pandemic) that trigger you, but the smaller nuances that keep you in a stressed state. Like that crappy job you hate, the guilt you feel when you reach in the fridge, the fear you feel when you can’t get to the gym. Have you been able to get a consistent period in your life where you have felt good in your body?

When you can get your body aligned for flow and flourish, you’re going to not only going to get an energised, optimised body but also your manifestations will be amplified. You may be mentally putting in the call to the universe with life-enhancing requests, but if your body is at the same time putting out an SOS because of your digestion, posture, fatigued cells, or more, the message cannot be received optimally.

What you think you believe and what you subconsciously believe are not the same. How can you tell the difference? See what comes up when you’re triggered. If the underlying unconscious belief is that you’re not good enough, not worthy, not loveable, not seen and heard, etc. then that is what is repeated as proof back at you through the people, places and things around you. It’s a challenge to try and outrun your subconscious programmes, as they have been running the show without your consent for most of your life.

To get started on this journey, you have to accept what you are. To surrender to the body you have, and that you create your reality – 100%. All of it. Why are you sensitive to foods? Why do some people make you feel ill? Why does a chemical smell trigger a migraine? It’s because you attune to the problems you have and then become that personality of resistance. You even get comfortable in settling with the circumstance and believing it cannot change.

Your body is simple as long as you can take responsibility and action that aligns your energy flow. It doesn’t require $$$$ to feel good. There is an addiction to the stress response to the cycle of pain and reward. And an addiction to the forward results of trialling supplements and treatments and diets. It’s time to break these.

What is it that you are doing that is keeping you feeling good in your fight or flight? To be able to turn that response off, you have to feel it. Illness is the continued abandonment of self – you may never have even paid attention to this part of you. If you are sick, broke, stuck, or alone, you have abandoned a part of yourself. There is no one outside of you, you create every part of you, including your vitality. When you take responsibility, then take care of it, your reality shifts. You might have come to Quantum Fitness to work on your body, but the rewards will reach out across all parts of your life. Your body knows how to manifest your desires instantly – if they are in alignment with what the body believes about you.

Your body is a byproduct of nature. Just like a plant, you have specific needs – only yours are related to your genetics, beliefs, trauma, and stories.

If all you were in complete abundance and freedom, then getting by would not be enough. But as long as you’re in a traumatised body that is numb to stress and fear and doesn’t respond possibly, you cannot create the reality you want. What you do manifest will be bittersweet – nearly what you ordered, but not quite.

Your body rebuilds itself even 11 months so you can transform your body that often too. When the cell is destroying itself, and a new one is developing, it looks to the conscious mind to find out what role they need to play. Your consciousness sends the stories back – broke, fearful, sick – and your cells create a body from this. If you’re aware and responsible and accepting of what you are, then you can adapt your body entirely.

That is the why. So how will we fix it? Throughout this Quantum Fitness journey, you will be building a new nervous system, fascia tissue, muscle tissue, new lymphatic system, cleaning out your blood and your mind. This will not be about your weight or your shape when you look in the mirror. Jess says, “don’t take score, take stock”. Your goals will change in your new level of awareness. So take stock. A sick body is one filled with secrets from the past, but it’s time to come clean with yourself on what’s hidden deep inside. Once you face the story, you can let it go and heal.

Energy doesn’t die, it changes form. Material is a symptom of energy. We need to support the body emotionally, physically, and chemically to make the shifts for the body you desire. All we are is the biography of the belief system, but it’s not just what you do but what you think when you do it. Instead of creating a body from pain, you get to create with purpose.

Get rid of all the things that you think you have to have and get back to vital, healthy, mineralised nutrition. Your critical sources are sunlight or sun time, mineralised water, nutrient-rich food, amino acids, and healthy fats. Fasting or intermittent fasting supports the body’s processing of waste. Movement with resistance helps to rebuild the body. Sweating is a natural purification system and finally – touch. This means hands-on touch – if you are single, then self-massage is key three times a week. If you follow these recommendations, then you won’t need probiotics or supplements. The more sensitive and empathic you are, the higher your energy field vibration. This means that you need to support the energy burn with healthy fats.

So what gets stuck in the body? Your lymphatic systems can get stagnant if you don’t move. A lot of old trauma is stored within the lymphatic system, even if you have worked through the issues, if you haven’t been moving to release them, they get stuck. Your blood is your vital delivery system to the body. Metaphysically, your soul’s trauma is carried in the blood. Your fat is your insulator, but it also hides your toxins and emotional trauma. The bones are your structural element, and they can get brittle based on trauma and emotional stress. The muscle is your engine and gets everything moving; the healthier your muscles, the better you can manifest. Consider your organs as the employees that keep the company running. They communicate with each other, so need to work as a cohesive team.

The body can stay in a position of malfunction due to toxic: influences, people, food, water, schedules, distracted alone time. Also, over-thinking, worry, fear, shame, guilt, resentment, grief, depression, and the use of pills. Your healing path will deal with these elements.

You will build a new blueprint through this course, and then you will be able to tune into what your body needs at the moment you; become your inner guru.


If you would like a mentor during your Quantum Fitness journey, reach out to Jessica through the website chat to request the list of mentors who are approved to support the deep inner work towards the shift you desire and deserve.


Take stock of where you are out of alignment and what responsibility you need to take now.