Quantum Fitness – Week 4 Video


This week is an important week for studying yourself. You would know more about your body if you spent more time with it. Instead, you’ve studied people, places, and things to gain admiration, to be liked and loved. There is little focus on the relationship with your body, especially in the first seven years when you’re instructed to do as you’re told from outside sources.

The house of your intuition lives in your gut. The heart is your telepathic energy that communicates with the universe. Your brain is your central hard drive and home to the mind where the image of self resides. To get your body to do what you need it to do, you need to reconnect with it. The body is a fractal of your consciousness, but it also has it’s own consciousness independently. When the awareness is low, the body perceives danger and lack as it’s not got a programmer inputting data. It’s not your fault of how this disassociation happened. Still, it’s your responsibility to reconnect, regardless of the state of your body right now.

In Quantum Fitness, time is not spent regressing back to those same six or seven childhood traumas you’ve previously been looping through. It’s about connecting to this body, at this time. When you look at it from a consciousness perspective, your body hasn’t performed that well for you. This has translated to resentment, abandonment, and rejection towards your body. Sometimes it’s been an escape from it, but other times it’s a judgement towards it. When you want to be enlightened, you have to bring light and consciousness into the body. No matter your why to being on this quest, you’re in the right place to finally make permanent changes. Whether it’s to heal a disease, get in shape, or run a marathon, it’s helpful to have a mission to work towards. To do this, you have to understand how the body is working against you.

When you do something often enough, it becomes a habit, behaviour and belief. When you abandon your inner child, you are stuck in patterns of mediocrity. With the inner child reconnected, you can build an extraordinary reality, with imagination, creativity, joyfulness, and playfulness. Unless you have a natural artist tendency, you’re likely to have considered yourself silly when your inner child comes out to play. Particularly if there are elements of your physical appearance that amplifies that inward skewed perception.

This workshop is going to reintroduce you to yourself; it’s heavy, but remember that the other side of pain is pleasure. You came to experience the contrast and for the experiences. The more aware you are, the more enlightened you become. Your spiritual journey takes you along a path of consciousness, the universe, and spirit guides. Yet at the same time, it’s a ride you’re taking in a sick, dense, broken, and abandoned body. Can you see why the alignment isn’t there to get what you want?

What kind of pressure will it take for you to return to your body? Pain has gotten your attention so far. Pressure does the same. Unfortunately, until you move to the next phase of your ascension, pain is your teacher. It gets you present in your body and focuses your attention inwards. If you still don’t pay attention, then the message gets louder. This may be manifesting as weight gain, chronic pain, inflammation, etc.

Think about when you have been in pain – you immediately abandon yourself and go searching externally for what’s wrong with you. Jess will teach you how to self-diagnose (in complete presence) and self-medicate. You’ll use your intuition to discover how to correct your imbalances. The condition and health in your body have everything to do with the condition and health in your mind.

Think about this: when you get news or experiences, does your automatic mind go to something positive first, or something negative first? Glass half full or empty? As a race, humans often expect the rug to be pulled out from under them. The level of trust within reflects the trust levels outside of you. The brain has everything revolving around you, so it’s always about you. But if it’s disassociated, it doesn’t know which program to run.

Self-love is a challenge because you’re learning to love someone (you) who has beaten, abused, lied, stolen, and cheated on you. Your job is to find out how to love unconditionally despite all of that.

Your brain’s state condition is programmed to believe who and what it is within three seconds. When judgement has replaced intuition, the automatic mind develops from a perspective of safety and worthiness – or lack of. A negative response creates more self-abuse and triggers old traumas. Negative biology is susceptible to negative energy. This happens when the automatic mind does not feel safe with its own presence. What you don’t like is the reflection of your own abandonment. When you don’t trust yourself, you don’t trust your inner navigation system.

Discipline is the start point to make changes. To your inner child and ego, discipline is negative. Yet the origin of the world is from ‘disciple’: a student or follower who learns from a higher level of consciousness. Discipline comes from your higher self, and when delivered to your inner child and ego, it teaches them how to show up, act, and feel.

To have something you’ve never had, or heal the previously unhealed, or to manifest what you’ve been desiring, it has to come from the source within you. It cannot come from your lack belief systems or your egoic mind. Spirit is pure vibration and motion; you have to tap into this to be able to fulfil your manifestations.

It’s important to connect that discipline is a form of education – a rebooting process. Your cues have to come from your higher self, not your power-hungry ego or your attention-starved inner child. To thrive, you have to reintroduce discipline, structured education and challenge-based limits. This is when you succeed the most and have the courage to move through the negative chatter. Self-love comes from here because you also discover joy, confidence, and pride in your discipline and the subsequent results.

You might think on this Quantum Fitness journey that you’re rewriting the body, but it’s actually the mind that needs to be rebooted. The body is a faithful servant to the mind, even with how it metabolises food and holds on to illness. Pain is also your teacher at this stage of the game. If pain switched your problems on, it could also turn it off. This combines with discipline in a tough-love combo to get you what you want. You get more freedom when you are disciplined (seriously!). Your soul knows how to rebalance everything within you, and you can get this through becoming a student of your soul (not a victim of your ego).


Journal what your go-to automatic state is. Dive into how it has served you, how it protects you, and what emotions it serves to buffer you from.

When you received something you have been asking for, where is your automatic response to that thing?

Think about your daily routine and look at the areas where you are lacking discipline and consistency. Get brutally honest here.

What results have you had before from being disciplined and consistent?

If you’re stuck, write down your why. Why are you here on this course, what are your goals?