Quantum Fitness – Week 5 Video


Last week Jess introduced the concept of being a disciple to rediscover your power. Being a disciple is the opportunity for your mind to know you. Your mind has been culturally groomed to view you in one way, storing memories, trauma, and insights to form its opinion. Your mind is constantly assessing what your ‘most likely’ actions are in any given scenario. Even though you’ve been on a spiritual journey and understanding how the universe works, it doesn’t mean that your behaviour has followed suit. With this in mind, you can see why discipline is such a crucial factor in enacting change to get what you want, right?

Jess has created a supplementary worksheet (available after you click ‘complete’ on this video) that will assist as you discover your subconscious blocks and beliefs that are holding you back. The universe responds to your frequency and vibration. So if you’re limiting beliefs don’t match what you’re asking for, you cannot receive it effortlessly.

If you want to know what’s going on in your subconscious mind, look at your behaviour. Where does your imagination go throughout the day? What do you want? Do you even know? Using self-hypnosis questions, Jess’s worksheet will reveal (if you answer honestly) what’s going on deep in your mind.

When have your dreams and desires fizzled? Remember, 95% of your mind is sub-conscious. This means only 5% of your mind is consciously getting excited about new plans, programs, or practitioners. No wonder it takes a lot to sustain the enthusiasm for this new thing you want to try. No wonder you become frustrated that you haven’t seen results! And then, when you run out of gas, you don’t even notice that fizzle as you’re so used to finding something new to try or do.

There are two ways you can study your subconscious mind that will provide results every time. The first is to examine your reality – everything in it. All relationships are mirrors of yourself, so find the you in those versions of yourself. Whether they trigger or inspire you, there is something aligned or misaligned inside. So ask yourself, what are you creating, and what are you not creating yet (the things you want that you don’t have). Find the frequency in your subconscious and how it’s keeping you in lack, or ill-health or loneliness. Your behaviour and critical thinking reveal all! Listen to your self-talk and discover your inner bully. This is the stem of the disease and lack within your body. Where is there frustration, resentment, or distrust in your mind? Pay attention!

The self-hypnosis worksheet will highlight your inner critic so you can repattern your belief system. Next week, this will be followed by a deep dive into the cellular structure of the body to clean house. Both have to be done both energetically and as matter to make the shifts you desire. This is a different approach from other programs as it takes you to the sub-levels of yourself.

Your body is constantly in a state of regeneration. Still, if you’re in a lower vibration due to your limiting beliefs and blocks, then you’re building from that program. A state of discipline and studying yourself allows you to make real shifts in your consciousness and actions that will then determine your success.

Sit with this: why are you doing this workshop? What was the intuition or excitement that led you to say yes to this workshop? What did you think this course would do for you that made you click ‘buy now’. You may have already lost this original thrills, especially if you’ve done a lot of courses and workshops. It’s essential you are asking yourself, and no one else! Just you! You may not always get an answer right away, especially if you’re co-dependent and looking for answers outside of yourself. If this happens, keep asking to go deep.

You have to become that which you want. YOU. Jess can teach the tricks, but you have to show up for you. The clean-out of beliefs and programs, coupled with the bio-rebuilding and discipline allow you to shift. Exciting, huh?

Until you answer what your ‘why is’, you will remain in your way. You need to shine a light on why your ego is trying to keep you small and in pain. You want your protection system and your desires to match up. Your brain is relentless in finding your answers to the questions in the worksheet, so follow the structure. They’ve been designed to assist you with your roadmap out of your lower frequencies.

As a disciple of yourself, you begin to see your patterns and the root of all you do. To discover your why and what those patterns have been helping you achieve. To go into your lack programs and how they serve you. To find out why your ego’s militant style of parenting is being used to stop you from succeeding at your goals.

As part of this course, you will use epigenetics to make shifts. Epigenetics is the science of you deciding what genes you want to turn on and amplify, and which ones that no longer serve you. Bruce Lipton’s ‘Biology of Beliefs’ is a great resource to dive into epigenetics.

If you’re committed, you will find the patterns, you will observe your behaviour behind closed doors, you will find resolution in the awareness, and then you will bring in discipline to work you towards your goals. Making the unconscious conscious allows you to get the power you need to recreate your life.


Answer the questions on the Find Your Why worksheet. Use these questions to find out why that is keeping you in the additive, avoidance sequence of unhealthy patterns of the past. Spend time on it and ask the questions many times.

Watch your behaviour as an observer. Where are you giving in to abusive behaviour? Where are you not consistent? Study your people, places and things and what you have – and have not – manifested.

Read or listen to Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Beliefs to learn about epigenetics (if you haven’t already).