Quantum Fitness – Week 6 Video


You are hopefully now viewing yourself as the creator. As the pharmacy, the director, the inventor, the editor, the actor. It all lies with you. Ultimately, your body can be redesigned, recreated, and heal. You can speak to your body instead of your genetics, your environment, your old programming. You can now raise your body as the ultimate partner.

You have a lot of energy in your body that you are trying to get away from. Your desires to change your body come from how it feels now. But if everything was working as it has been designed, your desires, as they are, wouldn’t exist. You would be able to discern, decide, and choose your metabolism, how your body looks, what DNA you turn on and off. Your organs are always rebuilding themselves and internally upgrading, so why are there any issues with them? It’s because your body is taking the lead on who is talking to it the loudest. Your inner voice, your outer environment, your circumstances, your intimate relationships. These all have more of a deciding factor of your physical health than you do.

The disassociation process with your body is an early-development programme that teaches you to stop listening to your intuition. From there, walls are built to protect from the hurt that follows from that abandonment of self. When you move away from yourself, you become less of the creator. Instead, you’re the co-pilot and let other voices take the lead. It can be in a relationship, at work, at church, or your parents that morph you away from your true nature to compensate for their rules and their boundaries. Not yours.

Ask yourself, are you in a relationship that you cannot be your true self right now? In confidence and awareness and knowledge?

Ask yourself, who has been designing your body up to this point? Who have you allowed input? Think of your parents, your siblings, friends, teachers, media, relationships, workplace, etc.

Remember: the me is your ego identify that keeps your striving for excellence outside yourself. The inner child is the adventurer who wants to be seen, heard, and to give and receive love. Your higher self – your I Am – knows exactly who you are, but has been sidelined because who you are was previously not that welcome or wanted.

Who do you look up to? Consider how they act. They are self-focused on the goals, and on their relationships with their me, myself, and I. They make a life-long choice towards their purpose. They are rewarded abundantly for this inner connection and alignment of frequency and vibration. To get to this level, there’s an adjustment period, and this is a dedication to this alignment.

Creating a new reality from the inside out doesn’t mean you have to do hours of trauma work if you are observant as to what is happening and triggering you now. It’s all connected to your childhood trauma, but by dealing with it in the present moment, you get to let it go. What you’ve created, attracted, and allowed relate to your childhood programming. If you’re observant, you can meet your trauma in the now, and (bio-hack) fully accept that you’ve attracted it. The ownership of it gets you the clarity needed to create the shift and upgrade. Meet your programs head-on and take responsibility for your inner victim and bully. All the changes you want come from doing this work and relinquishing the hold that shame and guilt has had on you.

Your brain is super powerful, and you have everything you need to create your dream reality. It can be built in the brain, delivered in the heart, and accessed in the intuition. Remember the universe exists in possibilities, which means that the solution is on the other side of your problem. When your vibration is purer, your heart emits the frequency to meet that request. The more you realise you don’t need anything outside of you, the more you’re going to have fun with yourself! Working with your heart and energy field. And enjoying how your brain can pull together the ingredients on your behalf. Your cocktail is a combination of what your true intuition and spirit are desiring. If you can find that pure place and learn the bio-hacks, you can understand (and believe) what the brain is building.

We have trained our brains how to be in pain, overwhelm, and in a stress response. It’s been conditioned to believe the bad things over the good, which makes it a challenge to initiate the opposite. Although your healing will be from within, you can summon the solution from your heart from outside of you (e.g. like a person who knows a technique that will help you). It all requires your walls to be down around your heart to receive.

Guided meditation 43:30-50:15

If you can recall something until it has a physical, chemical experience in your body, then know that this is a chemical reaction as a hormonal communication to your body. If you got goosebumps, or a shudder, or the heeby-jeebies, it takes a chemical response with your brain telling you who you are in that moment. This is proof that your thoughts are believed to be real. Your body thinks your thoughts are real, so when you have a negative idea, your body responds with a hormone cocktail. You’re used to ignoring what your body is trying to tell you. If you would like to feel something different, you need to submit new thoughts to HQ.

To change your internal belief systems: first: own it. If you’re starving – what part of you is actually starving (that’s not food). Accept and acknowledge the fact that you’ve disconnected from yourself. It’s not a judgement, it’s discernment because you know (in your heart and intuition) your true higher self. It’s okay to allow yourself yo be the best version of yourself. Because you want it, not because of the norms that live outside yourself. It’s time to come home to yourself.


Start getting serious with what it is that you would like this body to look like. Not the ‘good enough’ sense; the true essence of how your body can shine on behalf and reflect your energy. What’s your ultimate level of abundance and beauty? Reflect and decide on what you’re no longer going to tolerate. Take your time, use photos for references, and set the intention for your body. Throw your age, health issues, and lack away: they are not relevant. Discover your definition of beauty.