Quantum Fitness – Week 7 Video


The hard part is over. Jess has discussed the nervous system, trauma, emotions, programs, addictions and avoidances, and why you do what you do. You are so much more powerful than you have ever believed, and you are hopefully leaning into this. This is the beginning of creating the reality you choose instead of needing other people to support and shape you. You came to express your own unique essence on the planet. When you truly believe about yourself on the inside (truly), you wouldn’t want to be anyone else, nor in any other body.

Today’s session is about how to you know and heal what’s inside that’s making your outside painful?

During childhood trauma, you have learned to disassociate. You get out of your body when you’re driving a familiar route, talking with someone familiar, cooking, eating, doing household chores, and many work tasks. You are present when you are focused on a job or an intention. And yet, when you have to be present, you feel uncomfortable. More time is spent on auto-pilot, with a focus on the past or the future instead of the present. Think about a meal, where is your focus usually? What are your intentions while you’re eating? When you begin to recognise how much you’re not present, shifts can occur. When you get focused – like on a task or a workout – you get present. Pain is a helpful tool to get you present, too.

How do you want to feel in your body? What intention can you set before your workouts? Remember, the universe doesn’t understand the word no – it removes the negative and you’re left with a statement that isn’t what you are desiring at all. Your intentions need to be without any negatives in each statement. When you set a negative intention, you tend to be very present as you inspect those things you don’t like about yourself. When you do that, the message hits home faster. Nevermind, the bullying that is causing your negativity to remain inside! This is activating a pain signal and turning on your fight or flight. What a cycle!

You’re not here to be perfect, so be conscious if you have a fitness regime that is addictive or if you have a health program that requires monitoring 24/7. Instead, look to reclaim your stories through resistance. Resistance gets you present. Imagine trying to hold a weight for some time without being present to the heaviness of it. Resistance gets your attention. Through this consciousness of resistance training, you get to focus on what you want.

Look at yourself in the mirror naked. Look at every part of you. This exercise creates resistance in itself. How can you feel ‘home’ in your body? Aside from your daily choices, your body is the only thing you have control over. Your relationship with your body is not something you can run from or to, so it can be particularly triggering to be confronted with how you feel about yourself. To return to your body, resistance will get you present. Then, you’ll need to detox more than your food, but the physicality of your body. To work out where your trauma and abuse is stored in your body.

There are two bio-hacks this week to move you back into peace in the body. The fast-forward is through pain, and to use your exercise regime to check-in. Your original trauma was created from resistance, so you can overwrite the original programs with new resistance.

Through intention, you can manually override the old stories stored in your cells, with new ones. Jess uses strap-on weights to create resistance: on the chest, ankles, torso and thighs. You will start small with one of these, and to listen to your intuition as you go. Also, your workout program will be unique to you – you need to enjoy it, not resist the workout – but be sure to add some form of physical resistance. Commit to doing this five days a week. Be sure to keep notes on how your body is at the start so you can compare to 30-days later. Create a 30-minute playlist to accompany your movement-resistance regime for the next 30 days, it should be music that makes you feel empowered and motivated.

You’ll also create a 30-minute playlist to have with your meals. Spend one minute looking at your meals and make your I Am statements for your food and digestion. When the mind changes, the body has to listen. This will help your digestion improve and increase the nutrients received. What is your intention for each meal? This is not prayer, it’s choosing who you want to be with the meal to help it alchemise as it’s received. Go back to your ‘Find Your Why’ notes if you are not sure what to put here.

P.s. There are some bonus classes to come for this workshop. But post-Quantum Fitness, you can also join Jess’s subscription group to continue receiving support and inspiration on your journey to an optimised body and health.


Write statements for your workout – what are your I Am’s in all your areas. The real you statements (you don’t even have to believe it at this stage): I am abundant, I am healthy, etc. It needs to be a three-minute affirmation at least. Use this on your new 30-minute workout, for 30 days.

Create a 30-minute I Am playlist for your meals and a one-minute list of affirmations for your body and digestion. This can be whatever music you feel would best support this daily exercise. For each meal, use both, and have a relationship with your food. Do this also for 30 days.