Quantum Fitness – Week 8 Video

You’ve made so much progress so far, well done! This week is about creating youth, vitality, and a new body!

The only thing you can’t technically rebuild from the inside out is bone. Still, by supporting the bone with life force energy that creates healthy marrow in the bone, you can support even your bones. 

As you get older, your body encounters more and more stress, through school, work, relationships, etc., and this throws it out of its rebuilding cycle. The body instead has to go through a death response and stops producing its own vitamins and minerals, taking you on a slow decline (aka ageing). 

Medicine, education and hygiene have extended the average human lifespan, but because your nervous system has been significantly stressed, your body wears out. Know this: your mindset ages the body. Your mindset drives your hormones, and the body’s stress response makes or breaks your age response. 

So what makes up your stress response? Your environment, observation, viewpoints, influence, thoughts, and what you’re doing. Your subconscious mind then takes the initial clues like a true belief system. It then puts you on autopilot stress response for any future similar situations. This then affects your manifestation abilities. 

Anything in the subconscious mind is also stored in every cell and molecule in your body, thus recording a full-body PTSD response to bring out during stress. This makes it a challenge to identify if you are having an intuitive response or a remembered trauma reaction. If you don’t clear out the body, how are you going to determine the truth? 

Taking it up a notch; there is another area to look at to rebuild the body: fascia. To get to the root, you have to reach the stories that are chemically locked in your body. Your bones are your foundation, if they are strong, you are strong. Without strong bones, you lose the vitality and health that you’re seeking. Spinal issues, dehydrated muscles, poisoned blood, damaged fascia, and the brain-body connection is junky. No matter what actions you take – diet, new exercise, etc. – it’s a challenge to hold it if you’re still addicted to your trauma, pain, and chemicals. To clean slate, you need resistance, focus, and intention. One way to do this is to apply pressure to get down to the foundation at the skin level.

The deeper you go to pressurise yourself, the more attention you get and can bring the blood back to the zero point, to flush the system clean. There is nothing outside of you that cannot be combated by clean, healthy blood. The homework last week has started the pressurisation process and gotten your body’s attention, now to go deeper. 

Your fascia system works to clean out the blood, the lymphatic system. It unravels your meridian systems (your energetic highway, the one that acupuncturists work on to free up the channels and flow. To restructure the meridians, you need to look to your fascia that sits on top of it. Your fascia is like a stringy spiderweb of connective tissue that runs energy and codes across your system. It’s like the white part inside an orange. When fascia is in good stead, you’re energised, rested, and pain-free. The areas of your body that are heavier than others are where your old trauma and injuries are stored. 

Adrenaline destroys your fascia if it has nowhere to go every time you’re stressed. When your fascia loses its flexibility, it moves into knots in different places of your body. 

Where in your body are there circulation issues, pains, digestive issues and more? You’re going to start working on the problem areas first with a fascia device to grind your fascia out. When you do this, you start tearing down your fascia, so it can rebuild itself. When you destroy your fascia, all of your broken fasciae is released into the blood system and cleaned out. Your body then understands that it needs to create new fascia, and at the same time, it also produces collagen. Supple energy can then return. Body fat can also reduce at this time if you’re on the overweight side. If you’re thin and stressed out, your emotions are stored in the fat cells in your organs. 

The fascia blaster (or similar product) is to be used with a light oil to create a lubricated surface. You also need to ensure that your body is heated up. Both of these are important in the process. You can sit with a heating pad on the area, you can do two-mins of cardio, or run, or sit in the sauna. The key is: you have to have warm muscles. If you do it cold, your system contracts and creates a stress response, and you don’t want that. 

After you’re hot, you’re going to warm up the area further with light strokes over the area you’re working on. After it’s warmed up, you can apply more pressure. It doesn’t take long to get the blood to the surface and the area red (a good sign), possibly a few strokes. The hotter your body is, the less it will hurt, which means you won’t go into fight or flight. After fascia blaster, you may have some bruising which means you have broken down fascia in that area. 

Your focus needs to be on your body as you do this. You should not do fascia blasting if you hate yourself. Set the intention, a version like: “I am ready to let all things go from my past and let in new things”. You’ll also want to thank your body for the job it has done so far. You must view this as a form of self-love, so your energy and intentions are gentle and loving. You can’t fascia blast every day because of the bruising – listen to your body. Jess takes one side of her body at a time and thinks about what she would like for that side – so right side masculine, left side feminine – and adjusts her affirmations accordingly. 

As fascia release can create a detox response, be prepared for an emotional or physical release. Also, it can take a while for you to break down all your damaged fascia – possibly up to a year. Again, listen to your body. 

Note: be sure to do your own research on blasting for your body type and situation, as well as the best product to buy and oil you use. If you have varicose veins, are on blood thinners, have a history of DVT or blood clots or are pregnant, check with a doctor before using any fascia blasting product. The Ashley Black current recommended time per body area is 1-3 minutes.