Quantum Fitness – Week 9 Video


Quantum Fitness was designed to plant the seeds on why you act as you do, and why your body reacts in the way it does. Your body is influenced by the settling of the sediment of your past traumas and experiences. Your body behaves in the way that you have been. Even if you mentally feel like you’ve worked through your past shadows. Think about what happens when you get back into a family dynamic? There is a catalyst that pulls you back into those old patterns and behaviours, right? 

Until you learn the specifics of how you create your own reality and self-sabotage, you have to start by taking full responsibility for everything. You are the one that sabotages your own greatness. If you look at every excuse you have ever made, you’ll start to see the patterns emerging. The power of influence has a significant role in this, too. 

Do you need to diet to get back in alignment with your true self? With diets, following one gives your ego a job, and it helps you do better. Your diet becomes fuel, not reward – however, this a short-term training solution. Long-term, you want to be listening to your body and noticing its shifts as you change your vibrations, and eating accordingly. 

If you’re using food as an emotional crutch, give yourself 10-15 food items that you only eat over 2-3 weeks. (Combine vegetables together as one of your fifteen but be sure to ensure that they agree with you. If you want to eat raw, try this gradually also.) Your inner child will feel safe with those limited 15 food options. Your ego will manage you eating them and keep you on track. And your higher self will look elsewhere to find the joy, celebration, for you in a less addictive way. This really helps to break the habits of addiction that the body has become accustomed to. Experiment with what you can choose for your 10-15 foods as there is no one set of foods that works for everyone. Intermittent fasting is a great option to complement this, though be sure to do your own research on what will work for you. Get creative with what you do with these 15 to keep it enjoyable. Be sure to avoid white sugar, and grains are better avoided, too. Do this for 2-3 weeks and purify your body. 

When you’re eating balanced, you’ll notice that you’re eating for fuel and enjoying it. You’re not feeling anxious about what you’re eating. You’re not over-eating or hurting yourself. You allow yourself to eat a slice of cake if you want to without it throwing you back into sugar addiction. It’s a satisfactory shift, once you get there. 

It’s going to be so important to look at the blood as you continue to evolve on this journey. As you get older, your blood gets dirty – poisoned through the environment, food, alcohol, broken hearts, lost connections, etc.. The essence and vitality of your blood is the charge of your heart, and it’s pulling information to it. The very thing that needs to be purified purifies us. You need to circulate your system if you’re in any way under stress – posture, food, toxins, etc. When this happens, you get backed up, and your stored emotions get backed up too. 

A bio-hack to clean the blood is through orgasm. This is not a sexual experience, but instead a way to bring your feminine and masculine energies together to create something. This is a deep detox, getting into the sub-atomic structure of the body to be able to create new stories and points of manifestation. If you only work on your mental side of your journey, you are not allowing your body to do its job as a manifestor.  

With the orgasm technique, think of something you’ve wanted for a long time. Spend time in your imagination with this, or create a vision board to bring your desires to life. You want to be able to imagine motion; this is a key element to this orgasm hack. For example, if you’re thinking of a beach house you want to own, imagine scenarios there like taking a bath, walking the dog along the beach, tucking yourself into bed. Action is vital to bring the masculine side of your vision to life. Your number one thing stopping you from building your dream reality is your sexual blocks – as both sit in the sacral chakra. When you find a vision and build it out, you’re welcome to bring music and emotions to amplify the desire. Think of a montage in a movie. Once you have the motion of the vision in your mind, you will then begin masturbating. You can stimulate your genitals with your hand, a toy, whatever works best for you. 

Take note and see how the sexual part of you wants to go to some kind of fantasy that you’ve used before for stimulation. If this happens, bring it back to your vision. This is not a sexual experience. Stimulate your root and get this energy circulating up the spine and out of the crown, where you can consider it surrendered to the universe and your order complete (at speed). When you reach orgasm, your brain goes into gamma frequency, which is completion, which is I Am. Through stimulation and vibration, you are telling the universe and the mind who you are in this new vision, which the brain then records. 

These self-sessions also work to clean out the blood like a short circulatory cleanse when you orgasm. Clean thoughts during this process allow you to clean the blood metaphysically too. 


Jess is also working with a new technology called the Healy, using frequency and vibration to heal. This is the medicine of the future – the clean options that are at the grassroots of speedy healing. The Healy is a small device that syncs to your smartphone and the Healy app. You attach the device to your body (distance options also available) and allow the machine to run a diagnostics report. It reads your frequency and vibration and determines where it is low. Because it’s running a frequency and every part of you has a frequency, it can test everything your body is emitting. It can then quickly shift you to the right levels by sending the right vibration back to your body. The Healy deals with everything from physical and mental health. This isn’t a stand-alone for your health, but it works well with the content you’ve been recommended in this workshop so you can budge those emotions that have been holding you back. Energy first, matter second. The Healy is a supplementary tool to accelerate everything you’re doing. Contact Jess with questions or to find out how to get a Healy.  https://jessicaalstrom.com/healy/

Want to get a mentor to continue supporting this Quantum Fitness journey in a safe and supported manner? Check out the approved mentor list here: https://jessicaalstrom.com/mentors/


Write out all of your excuses right now. Even the justified ones, like time and money. Ask yourself, why are you making these excuses? What is creating your sabotage?