Vision Quest Week 1 – Video – The story of earth and who…


Week 1 Notes:

Are you ready to go on a Vision Quest

Jessica has created this workshop from her healing experience as a vision quest. Acting as your guide, she’s bringing teachings back from the future, and if you are here, no matter where you are in your journey, you are ready for this quest. 

This Vision Quest comes from the rites of passage of becoming. Whether that’s as an adult or a leader, it’s as one spirit. We need to know who we are, what we are, and where we come from. 

The third dimension is the initial portal of where you incarnate. When you incarnate here, your body comes pre-loaded with beliefs, lineage memories, and pain programmes. Your consciousness is pure, but you started in this human experience at a disadvantage. Add to this many challenges – like childhood trauma, poverty or chronic pain – and it has made you feel un-human in your human body.

The Vision Quest is not going to occur outside of you – it’s deep within. To reach those places, you have to look at the big picture. Fortunately, Jess has developed fun games to assist with the pathway to dive deep into your Vision Quest. 

Even though Jess is the teacher, you’re requested to observe what she says, and what any other teacher says, for that matter. You need to remain your trust point and to be in discernment of your values. When you are an observer, you are neutral. 

As we’re moving into more opportunities, more enlightenment, less density, and more choice, this requires a healed person to be able to thrive in this space. When you are not healed, you don’t feel or believe you can trust everything presented to you. 

You’re going to see the dirt of humanity before you experience the love and light. Earth is unique in the universe as it’s a living library. It holds the universe’s messages and recipes. It’s in our water, our atmosphere, our crystals, our animals, and our bodies. Everything is encoded into this beautiful planet. This is why Earth, with its multi-dimensional realities, is extremely desirable and the centre point of the universe.

Earth is an ascending and descending planet that can expand between the 1st and 12th dimension. We’re currently in Earth’s 5th wave of ascension. As the Earth opens up, this equates to more choices, more space, and more creations. More consciousness can inhabit a higher dimension. As a living library, Earth captures all data from all dimensions and experiences. The byproduct of this expansion and contraction process is that the planet stores a lot of crystals, gold, silver, and more that contain messages to assist in the expansion of others, both on and off Earth. Other planets store their treasures here too.

Your body is a tool to help you through your Vision Quest. It’s an advanced quantum super bio-computer, designed to also expand and contract, with access points stored in your DNA. Your body is the micro of the universe, and it holds the secrets of the universe. It’s a genetic experiment. 

You are here to help Earth move into her ascension process intact. To make sure the prophecy of this ascension process reaches fruition. You need this Vision Quest to understand how to fulfil your destiny. 

Your bodies are a grand design of DNA to ensure you succeed. Each chakra represents a different star system or collective. Root- Reptilian
Sacral- Sirian, Solar plexus – Anunnaki, Heart- the God-self(non-duality), Throat – Pleiadians, Third eye- Lemurian and Crown – Arcturian.

It’s a gift to you to utilise your expansion and to live within this living library. This is to help you ascend within your uniform spectrum of love, with good and bad inside. Your job is not to fight the battles outside of you, but to level up within so you can help everyone play nice and move into non-duality. Here, every limit is a possibility, and every shadow a short cut.

Your DNA is your active ingredient in your ascension process. When you incarnate on the third dimension, only two activation points are awake: I am what I am, and I can procreate. The third activation point tried to switch on (probably around 2012 for many), and this is where you no longer wanted to follow the mainstream or believed everything you were told. You were upgraded, but whether had consciousness of this is going to depend on your observation skills. Maybe you attracted teachers and materials to experiment with these new skills. In 2012, you were able to move out of density and ignorance and get further upgrades, if you chose to. There is always free will.  

We’re now in Earth’s phase of the opening up the 6th dimension. In the 6th dimension there is complete access to all beings of lights, and we can start to blend worlds. Whether you see other beings will depend on your belief systems. Your curiosity will gain you access to this level of consciousness. You have full ability to go where you want, and the inner work you do here will accelerate how much you activate and how much you remember. The faster you work now, the faster you will ascend. 

Consciousness is the awareness of all that you can do, and it will connect you back to source energy. As you turn your body back on and up, you are experiencing new things. If you are still living in the 3rd dimension, yet the Earth is heading to the 6th dimension, there is some serious upgrading to do. 

You may be stuck in the 3rd-dimensional energy due to you holding on to guilt, shame, fear, judgement, distrust, resentment, etc. Fortunately, this Vision Quest will allow you to shed these. You will turn on your ascension from the inside. The outside is where you get inspiration or to find triggers in your hidden pain, so you know where the work is needed. 

There is a holographic reality that comes with a 6th-dimensional reality. You won’t just jump to this dimension because it would be too distracting. Before you incarnated, you agreed to choose a reality that will best awaken and amplify your process. This is your unfinished business to complete ascension school. This is where you work out your old karmic baggage. When you understand that this is all a game, then you can treat it as such and lighten up! Through this Vision Quest, you will be the creator of your game, learning bio hacks and extras to make it a stellar experience. As with any game, you have a purpose, a goal to reach at the end. Everyone’s holographic experience is different, as the focal points are different. 

You came here to heal the body of its old programs, to balance the frequency and vibration in your field. You came for your soul’s mission and karmic resolve. Your trauma and stories are valid to clear your karmic energy. However, it doesn’t need to be a slow process. It can be fast if you’re skilling up as you awaken, via this workshop. 

Jess will lead you into the lit space of your consciousness so you can reboot and reclaim your true essence. It’s time to move to the 5th stage of your journey to lead and manifest your mission. Your issues need to go to be able to harmonise your DNA to activate others across the planet. The full 5D presence of your body means that you vibrate love to anyone (or anything) nearby.