Vision Quest WeeK 2 – Video – Interactive reality game of duality

Week 2 Notes:


Jess is sharing the beginnings of the Earth – Earth as the living library – and our story here. Jess channels the collective higher self – it’s an account and summary from all kinds of viewpoints, to bring all the group’s belief systems together. Earth is where we get to slow down consciousness at a physical level. You came to feel, be, and experience the sensations of a human being and the exoticness that comes with that. 

So how did you get here? To be in this body at this time, you were deactivated so you could go through the human experience. At some point, you reactivated. First as your divine self, then as your shadow self, and now you are here to have the two finally integrate so you can transcend. To transcend, there has to be space created. 

If you haven’t done the I Am or Warrior Training workshops, it’s recommended to catch you up. In Warrior Training, you discover the victim/perpetrator energy that has been holding you back. Over 8 weeks, the Warrior Training workshop whips you into shape on where you have been the enemy in your reality. As a companion course, the I Am training demonstrates the frequency of the chakras and how to utilise them to open up your highest potential. The Vision Quest will touch on these points, but as a fast-track through this. 

The chakras are a satellite system that emits and omit frequencies. The main seven chakras that reside within are the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakra. As a human, you’ve agreed to integrate and align these chakras. Every human has this system, all donated by the star systems. Until you are reactivated, such as through this Vision Quest, these are dormant. 

The Root Chakra – Red – The Reptilians 

The root chakra is your I Am. I am human, real, material, and here. You are God in human form. Your root chakra was gifted to you by the Reptilian collective and has duality – that is both dark and light aspects. You have a choice – you can use your Reptilian roots to create harmony and unity or to live in fear and by being a sheep. (Watch the movie Ants and see the aspects of the hive mind). 

It’s crucial to heal the Reptilian energy within to shed the fear-based part of the Reptilian brain. Remember, there is no bad and good in the universe, only different. The Reptilian root energy is based in duality. Before this kept us as sheeples to create a reality that served a small group. Now, we rise and say no more.

The Sacral Chakra – Orange – The Syrians

The Syrians donated the sacral chakra: I Create. The Syrians are the architects of the universe. They helped construct Earth and the human body. They gifted the internet and the ability to collect the hive mind. The Syrians also gave us the ability to reproduce and our sexual energy. They insisted that the divine mother had to reside in the heart centre at all times, meaning that the mother is the gateway to the universe. The male is the seed planter and is what is required to reproduce. The duality of the positivity of connection is that architects are also great destroyers. 

Because of your unawakened non-duality, your sacral chakra hasn’t always been used constructively. If you’re not creating, you’re destroying due to your duality. When humans forget how to create, then the path of least resistance is one of destruction. From here, you can experience a dark night of the soul. Remember that you are here to create, but a lot of wounding is in the concept of whether you can be creative authentically. Our job is to work with the root energy, the kundalini energy, and to bring it up to the sacral chakra. Consider what you have been creating in your life using your sacral energy. 

The Solar Plexus – Yellow – The Anunnaki 

I Demonstrate: I am what I am. Your solar plexus was a gift from the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki are an ET race that controls most of the planet. They are the creator of the matrix. They built the first humanoid because the Anunnaki’s planet was dying and they wanted to make slaves to mine the gems here. It’s masculine energy, and it shuts down feminine energy. The Anunnaki are about power and enforcing that power. The solar plexus chakra is the ability to demonstrate in the eye of the creator. It’s force versus flow, and it resides in the solar plexus. The Anunnaki used to represent the flow and force of the cosmos, but when their planet was dying, they discovered power and force here to extend themselves. 

When you are in disempowered, you activate your solar plexus and use force to regain your power. When you are in flow, you demonstrate connection, allowing, love and other wonderful frequencies. It’s a gift when it’s aligned with your higher consciousness, and the opposite if you’re using it to perpetrate to regain control. 

The Heart – Green – The God Self (Non-duality)

This was the gift from source, and it has a constant non-duality stream of unconditional love. You can build walls around your heart to protect yourself, but once you reconnect with it, it commands across the universe. Your heart chakra unites worlds. 

Jess will explain how to work on dismantling your walls in week four.

The Throat – Blue – The Pleiadians

The Pleiadians are the speakers of the truth, the nurturing truth, and the mother energy. They speak love, they represent communication of the heart. As there is duality, this can be telling in the truth or telling a lie. Speaking with love or with the absence of it. Most humans have throat chakra issues as they are not free to speak their truth. The throat chakra is the truth of where we are and where our capabilities lie. The throat has been restricted to keep you small, big, safe, or unsafe. All points of duality. In the past, the throat chakra has often created more problems, either by speaking up or by keeping you silent. 

The Third eye – Lilac – The Lemurians

The Lemurian collective gifted the third eye, the gift of sight: I See. What you see is that you create, command, love, and expand. Until your third eye chakra activates, you can only use your five senses. 

Your third eye might be closed if you have closed-down lower chakras; it keeps you safe. You will activate it during this workshop. 

The Crown – Purple – The Arcturians 

The Arcturians donated the crown chakra, and it is the satellite system for the vibration and frequency of the whole universe of love. The crown is I Know. At the crown, there is complete knowing – no debates, no victim energy, no confusion. The Arcturians are the bringers of the vibrations of harmony and sound. Sound and light have kept you enslaved via the TV, the radio, the internet, etc. The balance of the Arcturian frequency resides in Mother Nature, and your crown also has this harmony. In the crown, there is no need, it is completion. When you meet someone who has their crown chakra open, they are very allowing. The gift of the crown chakra is the moment humans became limitless. 
All of these chakras reside in your body. You have aspects and access to connect with every piece of information in the cosmos from your body. You light from the bottom up, which is why you’ve probably already done a lot of work in your lower chakras. 

The wars you’ve seen outside of you are actually coming from within. The traumas from childhood, your silence, your acting, your pain has kept your heart closed. You are here to transcend yourself and put yourself back together again. This is through aligning your charkas and doing the work to make permanent shifts; going to a practitioner alone won’t create lasting change. 

How We Create Our Reality

Thoughts, words and deeds combine to create your reality. All have to be in alignment to manifest what you want. If ill-aligned, then you will get three viewpoints. 

Think about buying a house – you know what your dream house will look like, you can envision it. However, your thoughts about the home are that you can’t afford one that you want, and you’ll never get it. The words you speak are that you’ll never be able to get enough money together. And you’re not saving money, so your deeds don’t align with your dream house manifestation. All because, at the core, you don’t believe you have can the house you want, and that is what you demonstrate. You then begin manifesting other things that require your money – like car faults, and dental bills, etc. – and you have essentially kept yourself small and your dreams at a distance. When you are aligned, though, you get to create even when it seems impossible to do so. Especially then. 

Your chakras need to be aligned, too. If they are not communicating consistently, then disharmony and segregation exist. When you make bad choices, it means that a lower conscious part of you (ego) has taken the wheel and is driving the bus. If you are conscious of the power you have and learn how to channel it through love, you become the example of harmonising your body. It’s why every spiritual teacher will tell you to work within to make changes. To make peace and harmonise your chakras, beliefs, words, thoughts and actions and level up. As we sit in our current level of consciousness without the crown being fully online, your brain will find the fault before it finds the magic. We need to fix this. 

Consider your chakras and how you have created in the past. It’s not wrong that you’ve had detours; it’s the experience you’ve needed to now get into alignment. Your old experience, through practice, observation, and awareness of life being a certain way. Through this Vision Quest, however, you’ll get to start from scratch, creating from your current reality. With acceptance, the path clears, and the resistance disappears.