VQ Week 3 – Video – Ego 16th of July

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As you move into your highest self in 5D and beyond, you will remain you. But the most brilliant advanced you that you can manifest. Which is why you’re on this Vision Quest. 

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The Ego 

We know that Earth is a living library with every level of consciousness and dimensions, and all timelines held within the Earth right now. You are in a virtual reality simulation. Knowing this takes some of the pressure off of your life stories. The simulation is like a rollercoaster – terrifying, exhilarating, and seemingly dangerous. And when you get to the end of the ride, you want to go again! This is how we work through aspects of our evolution within the simulation. 

Before you incarnated, you choose the archetype you would be playing on Earth. You picked your body, parents, potentials, and limitations. So even though you may be resistant to some of the aspects of yourself – your looks, abilities, intelligence, etc. – these were chosen for you by you! Why? These self-challenging limitations are designed to encourage growth, understanding, and enlightenment. Contrast is where we grow, not during the easy elements of our life. 

Your parents were hand-picked to be in genetic alignment with the karmic values, limits, and potentials, that you need to utilise to have a fully expanded experience. They assist you in remembering who you are so you can ascend. Consider the experience like a vacation from the cosmos where you bring along your soul family in designated roles. Fun, right? 

When you incarnate into your body, you have an agreement to respect, care for, and support what it needs to thrive. Think of it like a car – how it responds depends on how you treat it. Notwithstanding the lemons, some of us receive when we incarnate. You don’t own this body, you don’t own your things, you only own your choices, emotions, and focal points. Everything else is rented. Inside your body, the metaphor of your soul story and contract are contained, along with your soul mission. 

Your ground crew team (aka your family) assist with your training. You learn to survive and defend yourself with them. When you graduate, you then begin to find your soul family, your loved ones. But, you build these relationships from the skills you learnt with your family. Unfortunately, although the plan is to swiftly come in and do the work, 3D and the ego’s reality mean that a lot of time is spent rehashing the entanglement with your ground crew. 

As part of the Vision Quest, the goal is to break down your character and how you play this virtual reality game. It’s like an adventure game with you as an avatar, with a certain amount of ammo and missions to complete. You spend time learning the game, go through the rebirth (not literally but as metamorphosis), and work out how to win the game. Enlightenment is you realising you can play the game any way you choose. 

The 3D game we came into is about slavery, separation, survival, and a false sense of love. You begin as ALL LOVE, but this is slowly eked out you until your path to enlightenment when you play two game sequences to gain self-realisation and enlightenment. 

The first game is slavery and separation. You can’t get up a level until you beat this round. You learnt to survive; now you learn to thrive as you ascend. 

Think about a person playing a video game. They are chill on the couch, with their feet up, holding a joystick. The game player thas control and has to go through a learning curve to understand how to beat each level and move on. In the game of life, your higher self is the game player. When you master the game, you then get to create the game you want, within the game. The game has been designed around the law of attraction reforming around desires and failures. 

Your archetype in this simulation is based on three parts – your Me (ego), Myself (inner child), and I (higher self). Your higher self is communicating through a thread of consciousness, and it came to move the body (like a video game). It takes time for the calibration of that connection to set in and be permanent. Think about how you were as a baby and had to learn how to use your fingers, to eat, to walk, etc. Through the first period of your life, you radiated source energy and the potential of it all. Your connection was strong to all that is. Your body was designed to integrate and accelerate into higher levels of consciousness – but only when the higher self is present. Within the game, many challenges arise to twist or disrupt the flow of that connection. 

By the age of around two years old, life experiences begin to push you away from the connection to your higher self. Already. At two, you know adventure and curiosity – not “no”. But your ground crew are very familiar with no, and they use it to keep you safe (from their perspective). Your parents step in place of the channelled connection to your higher self. It’s a twisted connection from the one to higher self. It slows you down and gets you to form a reliance on a relationship with others to survive. It’s a teaching to not trust your intuition, instead to be co-dependent. 

Through this twisted co-consciousness of self, personality identifications are created from this dynamic. Because you have heard “no” so many times, you learn that your highest expression of yourself is not welcome or wanted. Instead, ego development takes place. Your ego then assumes the role of your parent for you; it has your best interests in mind, but it’s restrictive. Your ego manages to keep you safe (so you feed it) but its goal is to keep you away from your higher self connection as you would no longer need your ego. When you see people acting despicably in the world, know these people are being powered by the ego and fear, not source. 

The ego identity is your survival mechanism when you are not connected to your higher self. But your ego also feeds off the energy of your inner child. The ego is consumed by the energy of people, places, and things. It thrives on adrenaline and fear. The bigger your ego gets, the more co-dependent you get. 

Take a moment: think about the things that you need right now. Those needs are part of your ego’s manipulation to take you away from our higher self. 

There are 5-6 frequencies that your ego needs to thrive. When you are feeling these emotions – fear, grief, shame, humiliation, guilt, and resentment – you are acting as a host to the ego parasite within you. These vibrations, plus adrenaline, take you further from source. Your ego notices what triggers and charges you the most, and creates events in your reality that allow it to eat (Jess calls this the echo effect, and it’s a helpful tool on this journey).  

Your ego NEEDS. Anytime you’re in need, the ego is driving your bus, leading you down a pathway to consumption. Your ego doesn’t know your capabilities and power, and it wants you to keep away from this reality, too. The ego provides enough comfort and freedom to keep you distracted and halts your curiosity. You become so indoctrinated that what is outside of you is unsafe. That you become comfortably uncomfortable with your false sense of what your life is. You are basically the minion of your ego. 

Your ego keeps score – all those times when you have felt judged, humiliated, etc. – your ego is ready to remind you of those instances when you get curious about what else could be possible. 

You are the most connected to – and know the least about – your ego so this is a valuable lesson. When we realise this relationship, we can recalibrate – not eradicate – the ego identity. 

When you are ready to break away, it’s usually a pain point that gets you to separate from your ego and reconnect to your higher self. This plugs you back in, but you still don’t know how you are. This can be confusing, especially as the ego is calling you to come back – and it remembers your triggers and weak points to potentially do so. It is a tumultuous push-pull period between exploration and your ego’s whispers. 

Your inner child is the bridge between your ego and higher self. The ruling agents of the inner child are experience, play, service, acceptance, and love. Inside this game of life, it’s beautiful, as there is curiosity, excitement, awe, learning, communication and more. The inner child gets pulled between the ego and higher self until you do your shadow work. (More on the inner child in a bonus class.)

You win the game when you bring your ego, the inner child, and higher self in one unit. Your Me, Myself, and I. Or mind-body-soul. Whatever you call it, the integration of all three is where this Vision Quest is taking you, via bio hacks and the path of least resistance. 

Reminder: you will have access to this course for unlimited time, so please take the time to learn now, but also go back as you shift and grow.