VQ Week 3 – Video – Higher Self



WEEK 3 – Part 3 (Higher Self) Your life is a virtual reality, and knowing this is a helpful tool when on the path to ascension. Why? Because if you can regard everything as just a game, then you are not as entangled in it. When you pull back, you get to observe the events and triggers in your life versus something you are stuck with and cannot change. You are only as entangled in your life as your belief systems, awareness, and focus. This means you can remove yourself from anything and everything with the right attention and with full integration of your higher self.

On the Vision Quest, you’ll be creating a healthy parent for the inner child from the ego, and a healthy parent for the inner child from the higher self – together these masculine and feminine energies parent the inner child to bring out all positive aspects. All potential and power are then available for the truest expression of source. The ego isn’t serving you now, so it needs to be reassigned the role to be the personal assistant to the inner child and higher self. Healing the inner child and ego relationships are essential for your Vision Quest.

The seven-year cycle is based on the idea of you moving into alignment with yourself every seven years, moving more and more into yourself. Think of a child and imagine these patterns repeated. The first year of awareness is “I am aware of my family unit”. The second cycle is “I am aware of my social environment” and includes self-exploration. This is when the experiences are solidified and rooted in the belief structures. It’s then manifested into situations in this second cycle to continue that belief through reinforcement. Year three is “I’m aware of my body.” Four is self-understanding, where a child learns to challenge their environment. Five is the year of self-love (if the child has had the environment to thrive), and here there is the potential for the child to be the super-human aspect of itself and integrate the higher self. This rarely happens as time and space limitations get in the way. Six is self-transformation – this is the ability (if the first five years have been supportive) to transform at will. Year seven is self-mastery – mastering being human. Our brain was designed to go through these seven-year cycles, and it’s possible to study yourself and figure out what year you are currently at.

Your higher self is continually trying to teach the body that it is God. And ego is teaching the opposite – that this vessel is mortal, in lack, and unfulfilled. Your inner child will be more inclined to lean towards the ego’s narration because the ego is in need and is always loud about it. The higher self is a gentle whisper because it’s unconditional and it needs nothing. All your higher self wants to do is give what it already is. Your higher self is you, fully enlightened in the future, that’s how it knows you so well. It knows the other side of the veil and can lead you from there.

Your higher self is so enlightened that it needs a home, within you, to be able to sustain the light it needs to be here now. You create a universal space within your field to maintain that much energy and power. Your higher self can demonstrate the ultimate higher self activities when it has the opportunity to be more present in your body. When your higher self is uber present, you can do anything you want – learn a language, play an instrument, lift a car – the potential is there when you finally tap in. You have this now with your inner child and imagination. However, until the ego identity has been healed, there is not enough space for this to come to fruition.

The abuse between the ego and the inner child is horrific. Denial, abandonment, disgust and more is happening. It’s less abrasive than the cruelty you see outside of yourself, more subtle. The deprivation of your divinity – of your higher self – is cruel.

Your higher self is the urge to be great within you. It is your noble intelligence and the free-flowing truth when it’s permitted. Think of a time when you have felt super expanded in meditation – this is your higher self dropping in.

While your ego is a bulldozing gaslight-practising bully, doing all it can to steal your energy, your higher self communicates through you via the path of least resistance, gently and nurturing. Your higher self holds space for your evolution by being in higher consciousness and allowing. It does this in three ways: 1) sitting in the dark with you without abandonment until you feel safe enough to move forward. 2) asking you questions to get the conscious, subconscious response for yourself and to observe differently. 3) If you are lost in your pain, the higher self will pressurise you as it knows that you’re not observing the love available; instead, you respond to pain. It will do this to interrupt in this way to get you back on course. It does this while knowing that you will survive and improve through this experience.

If you can dream something up, you can have it as your higher self has already been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and is sharing the memories for you to create it now. You owe it to yourself to manifest what you desire, to follow the breadcrumbs as it’ll lead you to your completion. You’ll learn how with Jess.

During the Vision Quest, you will be reparenting the ego, not destroying it, to support your mission and to find your true north. Know this: nothing you have done has been incorrect or a waste of time, but there are hacks, and that’s what you’ll be learning in this workshop. The magic will unfold on this quest.