VQ Week 3 – Video – Inner Child 19th of July



WEEK 3 – Part 2 (The Inner Child)

This class is a reminder and the opportunity to click back into place the missing pieces of your awareness. 

The ego is the only part within ourselves that we need to learn and heal. Your higher self and inner child may appear twisted or block, but this is not the case. The further you are from your genuine connection with your soul, the more it will feel like there is no connection to it. That disconnect gets skewed, and the ego demands power to survive. Darkness is the disconnection from the awareness of self. It’s a call for love, for home, for a remembering. 

The inner child is extremely valuable to the planet. The inner child is synching the light within itself and through others, and it will move in the direction of where it gets the limelight. A soul will shine anyway it can – light or dark. It wants a platform. This is where the victim/perpetrator energy is birthed. This is why pain and pressure have been your greatest teachers as they bring you back to the light. Pleasure is confirmation and your reward, not your teacher.

Your ego is protecting you from others, but also yourself. Due to your theta state as a child (0-7), you were in a learning program and absorbed everything. You begin collecting identify information from your parents, siblings, and friends. Your ego needed to protect you from you because you were told “no” often. The universe doesn’t speak in the negative, but people in your reality began to tell you, no, to be quiet, to not feel. This created the need for a governor because you were “wrong”, and as was everything you were doing. You then needed to monitor what you did to ensure that you did less wrong, so that your family still loved you, and allowed you to survive. The ego was your self-preservation mechanism. 

The subconscious mind is the rhythm of everything you’ve done multiple times, formulating scenarios that the body then memorises it all and makes it a pattern. This becomes a challenge to reprogram.  

The inner child is a tiny spark of universal consciousness. Like a flame, it can magnify and create. This spark of consciousness is the most valuable thing in the universe, as long as the elements are there to support it. When you break away from source energy into fractals, you become a shard of the universe, to have millions of experiences to show the universe who and what you see. The inner child is potential. It can build or tear down a universe. 

Child as a metaphor represents small; that tiny spark. Some people are more flickering sparks that need to find an ember to empower it or to create a brighter light. When the light is turned on from within, however, you are a self-empowered system that needs nothing. 

Your body is designed to house the spark from the inside out. Your spark will never die, but when it is dimmed, the ego has more room to rule the roost to attempt to snatch power from outside of you. You are utilised and abused by your body. You created ego because something was huge within you that blinded and bothered other people as it illuminates the darkness in others. The ego then worked to make you feel small, so your spark was dulled and could not blind others. You sensed that the very thing that makes you you would be the thing that people would be repelled by and reject. 

Your inner child is continually working to activate your body to match your spark, ready for evolution. You’ve turned down your volume to survive, but presence and self-worth are all that’s needed to turn it back up. The crystalline energy field is growing, so your light is too. 

Your inner child doesn’t care about material possessions, unlike the ego who governs its success around what it has and who it is. The inner child is all about experiences, adventure, sharing consciousness, play and expression. The ego wants to own the music, the child wants to have the music and share it. The inner child has zero attachments, it wants connection. When you have connection, you don’t have less through your experiences, relationships, money, and more. This is who you are — a fractal of source. 

Imagination is the house of the child – I imagine my nation. Your inner child is the creator, and the spark resides in your sacral energy. As a child, you wanted to play, observe, eat, have fun, and learn. Watch children play to see the freedom of a young child as the spark. Acting from the spark, you decide what you want internally and then beckoning it into reality. Adults create from the outside, and this is why you have settled because you’re making a decision on what you want from ‘what is’. These skills are what you will be using to command and manifest during the Vision Quest. 

Your spark is the true definition of love. It doesn’t need to be provided for. There is no need. The spark is kind and allowing, without judgement. The desire to create is the essence of the inner child, so your state of being is critical – not what you’re doing it but how you do it. If you’re not having amazing adventures in your life, your spark is dimmed. Your soul has a desire for adventure, not to play it safe. You’ll also need courage – the ego doesn’t want