VQ – Week 3 – Zoom Interactive Q&A

WEEK 3 – Q&A

Q1: “Why do some refer to Earth as a prison planet? Is it because we get enslaved on Earth in the beginning and have to keep coming back to resolve karma until we ascend?”

We come to Earth by choice. Earth is viewed from many contrasts, with some considering Earth as a ghetto of the universe. Jess sees it as a holographic tool to learn – as the living library. Because everything is accepted on Earth, with free-will, it becomes the perfect platform to work through karma, to keep getting the do-over. Earth isn’t a jail cell that we’re stuck in; however, there are lots of beings who are in limbo in an Earth incarnation due to their low vibration. The lower your vibration, the harder it is to make changes, and when your vibes are low, you have a hard time remembering you have a choice in what you do or how you act.

Awareness and consciousness are needed to choose a new reality. Perspective is everything. Earth gives you the ultimate contrast as everything can occur here. Earth is the perfect place to work out your personal Akashic karma because time and space exist and because your vibration can slow down to the point of reconciliation and realignment. It’s the full spectrum experience – complete alignment and complete unconsciousness – it just depends on your viewpoint as to how you experience everything here. Not all souls continue this karmic loop, but the lower the vibration, the harder it is to free yourself from it.

Your job here on Earth is multi-faceted. It’s to break the rules, rock the boat of the matrix, to dislodge lack and slavery programmes. To be authentic, to clean up your karmic past, to help others clear theirs. You’re here to support Earth’s ascension. The darkness now has the opportunity to be highlighted, seen, heard and resurrected back to the light. The dark seeds are so lost in their consciousness, they can only survive through other beings of darkness until they are highlighted another path out. This is often going to also be your role in the family unit to shine that light.

Q2: “Should I have done the Warrior Training and I Am workshop before the Vision Quest?”

If you are new to Jess’s teachings, then taking the Warrior Training and I Am workshops would undoubtedly help accelerate your Vision Quest experience. The Vision Quest is an advanced workshop with the expectation that you understand your victim/perpetrator loops (Warrior Training) and the power of your chakras (I Am). However, quantum learning is that you’re where you need to be, as long as you can get out of your own way. If you don’t want to do the workshops additionally, then be present during each class, and you will absorb and get what you need from them. Also, consider a Jessica Alstrom trained mentor to guide you as they are fully trained across these areas.

It’s worth considering doing the workshops at some point because there are always nuggets to learn. Jess uses herself as a research project and gains mastery before presenting her courses to an audience. They are specific courses, but the information is timeless. Your ascension is a circular journey to the route of your being, not a linear one. This means you’ll bump back against old triggers and traumas as you deep dive. You’re here to unblock linear, karmic, and ancestral issues, each another peel off the onion layer. Each loop around heightens your awareness of it.

Q3: “Self-sabotage: I don’t understand why I do it, but I know I do it. Sometimes I don’t see it. Sometimes I dismiss it. Are there any tricks or hacks I can use to catch myself?”

Jess’s Quantum Fitness course will take a deep-dive into self-sabotage. In the Vision Quest, however, it will be touched on, but not in-depth as it’s been covered in the Warrior Training.

Self-sabotage comes from a core belief that you cannot be, do, or have what you truly are. It comes in many experiences, with around half being external, not internal! Don’t forget, you create the people, places, events, and things that happen around and for you!

Your self-sabotage is not just the times when you miss the appointment or forget the deadline. It can appear as someone cancelling, being attacked, the bill in the mail, the car accident, the broken ankle. Self-sabotage is the echo effect of a deep-rooted programme from your download during your first seven years. This vibrates as an undercurrent until you work through that program. The addiction, avoidance, and disassociation that follows from the parts of yourself you don’t know how to turn it off.

You will be diving deep into your blocks on the Vision Quest – all belief systems that you keep unconsciously reenacting. You can’t willpower your way out of a program that you don’t know exists. This is a tough shell to crack as your circumstances prove your core belief systems, but it’s supported with work in the quantum field and through this Vision Quest.

Q4: “If fear is my block in life, is there something I can do them to clear them. I have to face my fears and do it anyway, are there any approaches?”

Courage is part of your boot camp back to self-realisation. You have to face the consciousness of your programmes, whether you do the thing or do nothing. Your ego assumes there is more fear in failing, but it’s more suicidal to attempt nothing and let your dreams go. Viewing fear differently – as an expansion point – will give you more mental capacity and awareness that you can use take forward motions.

You are already failing if you’re not moving forwards, so trying it is a win-win. You can teach yourself to get comfortable with fear, and it will no longer own you. Fear is a negative transition of danger, and when your intuition is on, it can be used to propel forward for a quantum leap.

Freezing due to fear can be a block. It has stopped you or slow you down in the past and caused body issues and mental illness. We transitioned from fight or flight, to fight, flight or freeze. Freeze is a socially acceptable response to avoid confrontation and avoid pain, but it has created your blocks around fear. It’s an internal hide, and you’ll learn how to level up thanks to it.

Q5: “Is ego all negative, or are there positive aspects to it, too?”

You will learn in the Vision Quest healing phase, that your ego was never bad or evil; it’s not even negative. It has helped you judge who you were in contrast to your world. It’s a linear perspective that keeps you focused in this 3D reality. Ego reminds you of your body’s needs.

In the reparenting process of the Vision Quest, you will discover that you gave your power to ego and removed source energy from your reality. You then have been lead by navigation, not intuition – ego judges navigation based on circumstances, people, places, and things, not a higher perspective. The only awareness that the ego has is what it is. When you reparent it – as you’ll learn on this Vision Quest – your ego can become the personal assistant of your higher self in a disciplined way that helps your ego propel you in an orderly fashion from A to B.