VQ Week 4 – Video


WEEK 4 Now the intros are out of the way, the Vision Quest starts here! No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, if you’re here, you’re ready.

The Vision Quest is designed as a game to help you uncover your true Me, Myself, and I. You will always have the essence of the ego and the inner child when it’s fully integrated. You will not lose yourself. The higher self is the you capable of manifesting instantaneously; all your passion and drive can be brought forth into your reality. This is what you planned to come here to do before you forgot you were a spark of source energy.

Via the Vision Quest, you will learn to integrate your ego and inner child to your higher self. The idea is that your inner child wants to play the game; your ego wants to win the game. You are going to give your ego a new job and direction so your inner child can play. This allows your ego to stop focusing on the old patterns.

The Vision Quest is the Me, Myself, and I challenge. It’s to integrate your lower self into your higher self. To remember and move your consciousness to a level vibrating at a speed of light to embody higher self on the planet. You start as your higher self and the first seven years that wears off as you learn and observe how to be human. You came here for the contrast of your light and dark sides; the more aware you are of this, the more you get to make a conscious choice of how you experience the contrast.

You are here to create an abundance of flow across your time, relationships, health, and money. If it is not flowing, there are blocks. 95% of your vibration is attracted to that what you think you are (remember the subconscious programming). This means that if you are looking for love and you are running a program that says love is pain, this is what will show up for you. The deepest belief sets and rooted conditioning are what create your reality. Your inner child doesn’t know these stories, it’s still in imagination for your desires, but the ego is taking your subconscious beliefs and running with them. No wonder there is a disconnect between the two!

To heal, you need to be in a safe environment. The trauma is not as painful as the healing, so it’s mandatory to remove toxic relationships from your life. Your divinity has to come from a place of trust and understanding. You are no longer a being that wants, you are a being that IS. You become the true you: the universe within you. Everything you want will be at your fingertips.

Everything is a spiral, going around until you are in a higher vibration to clean up the mess – even if you have no recollection of it being made in the first place (particularly karmic chaos)! You are here to right some wrongs for yourself and the universe. Have you noticed that if you raise your vibration, you still end up back at the same wounds or triggers? You need to clean space to move on; otherwise, the cycle continues. You’ve used distraction to avoid this work… until now.

Look at your biggest blocks in your reality: time, relationships, health, and money. Where do you feel trapped in your ability to create? You choose this, even if you can’t figure out how to make choices to free yourself. Your ego will place blame outside of you for these choices. Your inner child will feel guilt and shame and unworthiness. You will need to take responsibility for your messy spaces; however, your heaviest trauma load is going to be your final frontier as you get practised at being courageous and finding the strength within as you go.

Within the Vision Quest, there are four pathways to get to your higher self: time, relationships, health, and money. Although it is all entangled and one path, it is easiest to use these pathways to navigate through each block on the way. This works because the inner child likes the excitement and forward motion of games. And the ego loves games as it loves to win.

You are going to draw the walls that are in the way of your higher self. And each line represents a block/wall. To get everything you wanted, you have to look at these walls and deal with them. It’s time.

Each wall is your freeze mechanism that is not just in your mind, it’s in your body. That’s what makes change so challenging.

Things that might feature on your money wall: your job, debt, toxic influences, lack of feeling valuable, lack of opportunities, unworthiness, lack of support, lack of motivation, lack of creativity, fear of failure, self-confidence, guilt, shame, fear of success, bad choices, lack beliefs, fear of being fake, fear of being seen, fear of evil/power, past life karma.

Freedom is____________?

For your health walls: lack of knowing yourself/what your body needs, age, genetic limits, self-judgement, addictions/avoidances, toxic influences, lack of discipline, illness, old pain/trauma, emotional/physical damage, body programs/ancestors, obsessions first 7 years, birth trauma, past life karma.

Health is ___________?

Time wounds on your wall: lack of time, running out of time, unsure how to use time, lack of discipline/procrastination, lack of purpose, outward focus, toxic distractions, self-judgement, abandonment/rejection, disconnection from body, not allowed to be authentic, looking at circumstances, disempowered, humiliation/judgement first 7 years, “no”, past life karma.

Time is ____________?

Relationships: hurt by people, I hurt people, undeserving/less valuable, unworthy, not allowed, not good enough, unaware of self, closed heart, lack of trust, not sure what I want, alone, misunderstood, forced to not be yourself, not seen and heard, love equals _____, thoughts not safe, body not safe, emotions not safe/allowed, ego creation, lack of basic needs, birth trauma, past life conflict.

Love is _____________?

To start this game, you have to accept where you are and be honest about how many walls you have. Acceptance is the frequency of light. You need to lower your pride to be able to see all your walls. This will be the first step to freedom towards your higher self. You are not going here to dive into a dark night; this stage of the Vision Quest will allow you to see what you have created with all these limitations. This platform of awareness will get you to your higher self, where you no longer ignore these walls. When you can be honest about your walls, you can get humble about them, too. Acknowledge and hide no more. Sit in the creation of the justifications and distractions that have kept you in these pain points. The more specific you can get with your own Vision Quest game, the more acceptance and enlightenment will come through for you. This week is not about the solutions, it’s about mapping out your walls. Look at your justifications, behaviour, and shadows with the expectation of acceptance only. The acceptance will change around 60% of your paradigm; the other 40% will come in the following weeks.

Your inner child will draw out (big as possible) for you, your ego will show you were all the walls are, and your higher self will keep pulling you up. This is a lot of work, but everything you want is on the other side of this game.


Take a massive sheet of paper and write out your walls in these categories. Write in the people, places, events, and things on your game (so not like Jess’s example). Write this in a safe, comfortable place, put music on if it’s your vibe, and make sure no one else is around.

Remember to also take stock of how far you’ve come with all your walls as you see it all laid out in front of you.