Grab a journal and set some time aside to answer these questions in one go to ensure you get into a good state of self-hypnosis. These questions are designed to give you insight into your subconscious beliefs. Write in a blue pen to fully access your truths. 



The inner child is about experiences. It’s in non-judgement and unconditional love at all times, and displays empathy, compassion, adventure, fearlessness, and holds no grudges. The inner child is imaginative, a visionary, a dreamer, and sensitive. It’s a pretender, dancer, singer, artist, speaker, seer, feeler, and forgiver. The inner child allows and is curious. It’s a mediator, lover, hugger, kisser, cuddler, intuitive, and is connected to the higher self and source. The inner child is a dreamer, desires deeply, craves unity, family and connection. It has a deep desire to give and receive love. The inner child is unlimited. 

The inner child rules the frequency of joy, curiosity, presence, creativity, connection, dreaming, channelling, bargaining, creating. The inner child is accepting, has empathy and compassion, and offers unconditional love. 

The inner child wants to be seen, heard, safe, and feel loved. It wants to reciprocate that love and is excited and in full gratitude to return it if allowed.



The ego is a system analyst, program runner, pattern keeper, logic seeker, and academic. It thrives on judgement, separation, control, order, symmetry, perfectionism, It’s the protector, warden, scorekeeper, memory holder, pain keeper, and librarian of your physical reality. The ego is the manifester of the inner child’s desires. The ego takes the body’s energy and turns it into matter, so if the inner child’s imagination has been crushed, then that reality materializes. The same if it has been encouraged. The ego identification is the summary of all your pros and cons, and a personality is created from those. The ego is a parasitic energy when unhealthy and in charge of the inner child. It uses the mind to determine who it is. 


Until healed, the ego is the energy vampire from source energy; it serves as a pseudo-God and acts as a disconnector from source. The ego wants to be admired and desired. It wants followers to lead, requires proof, the truth, and absolute justice. The ego takes more than it needs; it’s greedy and never satisfied. The ego is always in a state of need. 



List all your unconditional relationships (it can be people, places, pets or things but only the unconditional ones):

List where those relationships sit in your heart in the present moment: 

List the strong emotions in relation to everyone/thing on your list:

Next to each people, place, pet or thing, list the wounds that having those unconditional relationships have created within:



List things you have owned and built with money:

List things you have lost because of money:

List the things you couldn’t have because of money:

List things you bought or paid for that hurt you:

List the items you purchased or paid for that made you feel guilty:

List your bad money choices:

List your best purchases: 

List the best gifts you have received: 

List the best gifts you have given: 

List when money disempowered you: 

List when money empowered you:

List when you worked too hard to for too little: 

List your money failures: 

List when you earned more than you expected:

List when you have had your money stolen:

List your parent’s/guardian’s views on money:

List your parent’s/guardian’s financial situation:

List places you have been to thanks to cash: 

List the choices you made because you had money:

List the choices you made because you didn’t have money: 



List big moments in time that have felt negative: 

List big moments in time that were positive: 

List your lost time:

List your lack of personal time: 

List when you have had too much time: 

List your time that went too fast: 

List the moments when you froze time:

List the moment when you felt time worked to your advantage:

List when you ran out of time:



List when your freedom was taken:

List when you gave away your desire for someone else’s freedom: 

List when you first created freedom for yourself (if you haven’t, what do you feel that would look like?):

List when you gave away your freedom because you were scared: 

List when you gave away your freedom because you were guilty: 

List when you gave away too much because you were afraid to be alone: 

List when you took action to create freedom:

List when you found freedom within: 



List when your body betrayed you: 

List when your body helped you: 

List when your body embarrassed you: 

List when your body moved too slow: 

List when your body disobeyed you: 

List when your body scared you: 

List when your body felt ugly: 

List when your body felt old: 

List when you were proud of your body: 

List when your body protected you: 

List when you overfed your body: 

List when you starved your body: 

List when you neglected your body: 

List when you punished your body:

List when you left your body: 

List when you poisoned your body: 

List when you quit your body: 

List when you ignored your body: 

List when you healed your body: 

List when you allowed your body to be itself: 

List when you turned over your body to someone else: 


How was that? What did you learn about yourself? In the five sections (relationships, money, time, freedom and health), write a summary statement of your eye-openers and discoveries.