VQ Week 5 – Video


What you created on your Vision Quest board last week (if you did the homework) is not who you are, it’s where you are. You have two belief systems running; one that you use to cover up the pain of what you actually believe. It’s your unconscious core beliefs versus the conscious ones you think are your driving force.

Humans are so good at surviving that you can get comfortable in the unconscious beliefs that are running the show. Even though they equal pain. After your first seven years, your judgemental, score-keeper ego governs your life from there. Your brain takes those beliefs from the ego and builds the character out of the conclusion of them. The homework you completed demonstrates this. Take a look at how joyful you are throughout your day – or is it only moments? If it is the latter, there is still some work to do to clear out the burden of the belief system.

Everyone is always doing the best they can from their perspective. The lower the frequency and vibes of a person, the more righteous, judgement, and justice-focused people become. Your hurt in your early years can turn into righteousness as you mature, and it then gets locked in as the personality, and it’s a challenge to later convert that into harmony. The more unconscious belief systems you have running, the bigger your walls appear and most likely live in your blind spots.

You have to grow through what you go through. This means you can build yourself up and once stable, you look back and notice that there is a trail of clutter and a mess behind you. The false sense of satisfaction and numbing through addictions will catch up to you, as per the law of attraction.

When you hit a wall, you’ll get a reflection back to you of a core belief system. No matter much you try to avoid them! Thankfully, most of your healing in this Vision Quest comes from awareness. Avoidance moves the thing into the shadow, driven by fear and suffering. You’ve now mapped out your 3D reality; the 5D new reality will be created within this workshop, supported by the right tools and techniques.

If you haven’t done the homework yet, ask yourself: what’s worse? Living in a delusion that prohibits you from fully manifesting what you want? Or sitting in the pain points and doing the work, from a place of acceptance that you weren’t conscious when those walls were all created? The walls will forge a path, trust. All limits are vibrating potential. On the other side of every problem is the solution. When you created the problem, you also created the solution as the universe always has duality. You need to go into your secret zones of avoidance, sit in it, be in it, and accept it all. Acceptance is love.

Jess has created a quantum hypnosis formula to help dive into the unconscious. Quantum hypnosis is about you staying conscious as the practitioner of yourself. You are going to ask and answer questions to reach the depths of your consciousness. If you keep the questions to yourself, you will always get the answer you need (but not necessarily want). This is not to be done with anyone else. This is where you stop abandoning yourself and disassociating. This self-hypnosis brings awareness, self-love, and grace and the spark you need to light up your darkness. It’s taking you to your survival points that are manifesting in your now moment.

There is a full document to come for a thorough deep dive, but for now, Jess leads a quantum hypnosis session at 34:30 in the video. Go there now, and your full homework sheet will be available in the next class.


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