VQ Week 6 – Video

Shout out to everyone that is taking this opportunity to deep dive into your walls. It’s tough, but on the other side is pure magic! To create your own reality, you HAVE to dig in and find the programs that are running without your consent. You want to uproot the beliefs that you’ve buried. You’re such a good survivor of these beliefs that you’re numb to the pain that they have created.

You’ll find a quantum hypnosis worksheet in this week’s class. It’s super simple to get into quantum hypnosis and is designed to help you hack your game, instead of the arduous task of learning the hard way (as you’ve done to date). You need these ‘coming to reality’ moments to see how you’ve been tricking yourself, and the false facade you’ve used to disguise your underlying belief metrics. When you decide (and become) what love is, it infiltrates every aspect of your reality – time, money, health, and relationships. What you determine what love is, this is also the way your self-love relationship shows up.

This Vision Quest supports your soul mission to be extraordinary; you may have settled with mediocre in the past, but your true self is waiting to be born. So what false beliefs have you been uncovering so far? Have you been able to face the fact that you’ve been settling and not getting what you deserve? The worksheet will show you how.

Quantum hypnosis leads you into your Me, Myself, and I. The ego identification of self, the inner child, and the higher self – the is-ness of your completion. You never get to escape these three aspects of yourself; the goal is to bring light, love, and information to each so that they can be merged.

The universe is a super simple place. It’s limitations disguised as challenges, disguised as potential. Every limit holds the solution, and every situation is pure potential.

The hypnosis worksheet (found under this week six video on the course landing page) needs to be done you-to-you – unless you have a mentor to hold space. The relationship with yourself is going to determine the results you get from this process. It doesn’t mean it won’t work, but it may take longer as you reject the idea of talking to and studying yourself. Unless you’ve been working on self-love and self-healing, and already started the shadow work process, you may not trust yourself enough the first time when completing this worksheet. It’s okay to repeat the process until you connect with the depths of your truth. You need to hold yourself accountable (with help from a mentor for the blind spots, if you have one) throughout this process. This is crucial – no more hiding.

You have to come undone to become the person you are in your heart. The survival version of you needs to let go, to be able to cross the bridge. Consider yourself as a seed. You’ve spent your entire life protecting your seed and building walls around it. You don’t even have the complete understanding of how you will blossom, because the seed has been kept a seed, kept small. There’s a semblance of an idea, but it’s a glimmer of an idea, not a real understanding. Think about what your goals used to be. Does that seem like what’s blossoming inside of your seed right now? You’ve been protecting the seed when instead you are the whole forest. Know this.

The process for the self-hypnosis is to ask yourself the questions listed over and over again. Keep asking until you’ve touched the bottom of your belief reality. You’re looking for the summary of the patterns you discover. Watch for the spiral and the rhythm as you dive in. At the end, you’ll write root statements for each of the sections. Be in the present moment, hear what you don’t want to hear to un-anchor yourself from your core beliefs. Honour yourself and ask the question ten different ways. Visualise yourself going in, and when you hit the root, you’ll feel it. Don’t second guess that feeling. The answers give you the key to where and why you haven’t been manifesting what you want. Depending on how your consciousness works, you’re going to need to journal to write out that core belief and analyse the answers to your questions.

Quantum healing is, for the most part, the accepting and surrendering to how you’ve been living. That’s most of the work done! Your a-ha moments are significant as long as you can bring them in, not reject them. When you hit a core root belief, it’s like exposing a nerve in your mouth, it can be agony. The results can materialise as strong emotions, like vulnerability and uncertainty. Or you may feel like you’re disorientated, spinning in a void. You might be hypersensitive or worried or overcritical. This is because you are letting go of an ego-personality. When this happens, your ego doesn’t know who it is, and it feels threatened by the sense of safety disappearing. Jess is holding space for you to sit through this component of this personality death, so don’t freak out. Get comfortable in this void as the time for creating new beliefs will come later on. For now, sitting in the nothingness is where your potential resides. Your power lies here. It’s a rebirthing process of discomfort. You don’t want to fill this space after the worksheet homework from lack. In the void, anything is possible, and from here, abundance can be created.