VQ Week 7 – Video


From your time on the Vision Quest so far, you should now be conscious that everything in your reality is created from your Me, Myself, and I. The ego’s perspective of you, the inner child’s ability to create through you, and your ability to connect with your higher self and use of the flow of source energy. Your measure of how blocked you feel reflects how much your ego is running and controlling your reality. Nothing is happening outside of your control, so it’s super important to have your eyes on your own paper to observe your ego’s tricks and tactics. Your summary belief systems create your reality, which is why doing your homework is a crucial element to get real with what’s actually going on. Ego holds you back significantly, throwing bumps and blocks in your path that make your manifestations practically forced to ghost you.

Remember the ego is not bad, it’s merely in a state of unawareness of itself. It’s constantly looking for an energy source to feel aware. It’s continually starving and looking for a host, like foods that give you fast energy or activities that give you fast adrenaline.

The most common programs humans are running are: I can’t have what I want (life has proved that to you), can’t be who I want (not acceptable), I can’t share what I want to (judgement), I can’t put myself out there (will get hurt), I have to settle (so I have something).

When you’ve finished your self-hypnosis homework (found in week six on the course homepage), ask yourself: who built these walls?

Your life experiences built it. The proof of your core beliefs continues to build it. As every moment is an opportunity, this means that you keep making the same choices, until you become a true observer and student of your walls and pain. You need to look fear in the mirror as it is.

Until you start to behave differently, your reality will not shift. And you cannot act differently if you don’t know what you don’t know. Hence the homework for the past two weeks. (Jess is assuming you have done it by this point, if you haven’t, please pause and return when you have).

You may not believe your limits, but your limits believe you. Until now. You came here for your life to be a physical meditation where everything you do is self-examination and self-awareness. To see past the veil to see what’s underneath? How do you do this? By being present throughout the day and the only way to do that is to be consistent with your inner child. You have to have the inner child on board to be able to level up and reach your potential.

Your ego’s safe space is blame. When there isn’t anyone to blame, the ego can begin to integrate. That means ditching the victim vibes. When you live in the shadow of your ego, you will always be a dreamer and anything you attempt to create will fizzle. This then thickens your walls and blocks as proof.

Your biggest job in the Vision Quest is to recognise through conscious awareness and presence what your ego has built for you. Your ego wasn’t designed to take over, but it took on the role of the universe because there was space created for it to step in.

You’re not looking to remove your ego; instead, you find new jobs for it. It won’t be easy, but with consistent discipline, you can retrain your ego to work for you, than work against you. Think about the power the ego has had to destroy; now imagine what capabilities it has when it’s retrained. You’re going to create an intentional dark night of the soul to get you out of your comfort zone (the worst place as you don’t take action there).

The only responsibility that you need to take is to make your life blissful, harmony, and freedom. When you radiate this frequency out, you affect change immensely. When you shine, you carry the same weight as the sun.

Your ego’s job is to run the program from a neutral place. When you are connected to the matrix and running your old stories, it is a parasite. When you are connected to source and 5D, your ego becomes a faithful guide and assistant to the inner child. The ego will also keep the health of the body thriving and to open up the ease of flow and connection for truth-speaking. The only way to get to this point is to have a heart-to-heart with your ego (the homework started this process).

To get what you want, you have to look at what the ego thinks it’s protecting you from. Ego is holding on to these programs as, without them, it doesn’t know who it is. It needs to know where it is, what it has, and what it means. It requires consistency constantly so it can feel stable. When you get what you have manifested or faced a fear, the ego can freak out. If you’re not connected to your ego, this may seem like depression.

You can bypass this ego death by assigning it a new job, and teaching the ego – through appreciation and value – it’s new supporting role. You need to discover the ego’s why on each wall and work on how does each component protect me. There will be a worksheet for this in next week’s class, or your mentor can help hold space for a deep dive.

Your ego uses your sexuality, diet, movement, and people, places and things around you to prove to you who you are. When it is given leadership and orientation, you can shift the focus to one of support, not destruction. Your ego can keep you consistent once it’s trained into new channelled focus so you can have the results. As your ego is based in matter and materialism, it becomes the best personal assistant.


To discover what beliefs and programs you are running answer the following (you may not identify with all of these):

How does my ego protect me?

How does my victim energy protect me?

How does dieting protect me?

How does spending money protect me?

How does being a social butterfly protect me?

How does being a homebody and isolating protect me?

How does rescuing people protect me?

How does procrastination protect me?

How does staying busy protect me?

How is my weight protecting me?

How is my lack of money protecting me?

How is my lack of relationships protecting me?

How is not being seen protecting me?

How is not being heard protecting me?

How is not getting what I want protecting me?

How is not having what I need/want protecting me?

How is being a victim protected me?

How has co-dependency protected me?

How does protesting or getting angry about social issues protect me?

How does being on social media protect me?

How do my body problems protect me?

How does constant studying protect me?

How does being a life coach protect me?

How does being career-hungry protect me?

How does craving status protect me?

How does the money in the bank protect me?

How does the no money in the bank protect me?

How do the things I buy protect me?

Where am I not allowed to have what I want?