VQ Week 8 – Video


The Vision Quest is about you diving deep inside in your subconscious programs to find the factory settings and begin to reprogram yourself. A lot of this work is found in your blind spots. It is a process of unlearning.

The root belief system that goes against the grain of existence is the word no. In the universe, no doesn’t exist. Empty space implies infinite possibilities, so there can’t be a no. Yet you heard it very early in life, repeatedly. Particularly if you were a curious or vibrant being of light. The universe only sees you in yes. It says yes to where your focus is as focus goes where energy flows. The manifestations arise in this area, so if you’re looking at what you don’t want, guess what? That’s what you’ll get!

As you are a survivor and a thriver in suffering, you have been so comfortable with no. So much so that you have lived about 10% of your yes potential. And this is usually helping someone else, not yourself. It’s the instant need for it to be a yes that you chase, and you’ve taught yourself to settle easily and early.

The homework in the subconscious so far has taken you through how your subconscious has been running your show. And demonstrated how you’re only getting about 10% of what you want. The plan is that this workshop will end your old pattern and turn your no to a yes. Every one.

What would that look like? To have your no be a yes?

Look at your Vision Quest board. Every wall you built was a no. And your ego’s job is to run your no’s until you flip the switch. All your walls represent the no’s in your belief system. They are all running without your comprehension. Practice, awareness, and action made those no’s your root belief system. They have grown and rooted in every major system in your body, into your emotional and etheric field. To flip this switch, it’s being in a state of wellness. Your awareness is your wellness.

In the unconscious space, this is where you identify with the ego mentality; the separation of oneness. This is deep into the abyss. To review what’s on your whiteboard or paper as unconscious programmes are the deepest dive. An exploration in the non-physical universe is how you deal with these. Even though it’s in darkness, your subconscious is reflecting things in your reality that demonstrate these programs. Look at the people, places, and things to see where you’re settling or giving away your power.

Look at the no’s that are running in your body. You are going to convert these into a yes for the rest of this Vision Quest. The next couple of sessions will be a little intense to help you get what you want, but it will be worth it. Everything you wanted has already been created. When you created the problem, the universe created the duality and solution at the same time. This work is going to uncover the tantrums you had in your body, your sexuality, and your behaviour when you couldn’t manifest what you wanted.

All you have to do is flip the switch. Every no has the potential to be a yes.

Look at your walls. Look at all those no’s. Your consciousness doesn’t often force you to look in the mirror of your reality, it’s kept you looking in the future, instead. In quantum, you get to choose and shift, that’s it. The follow-through is another matter! You’ve been avoiding the programming because it’s uncomfortable to face all the no’s you have accepted in your life.

So how to flip the switch? You’re going to play the duality game because your inner child/spark of source joy loves games. You’re going to reconstruct your page of walls with a new 5D reality – joy, bliss, abundance, freedom, opportunities. Every wall is going to be turned into a path, taking you to your higher self. Turning the no’s into yes’s. “I can’t speak my truth to my kids” becomes “I can speak my truth to my kids”. What would it look like to do that? And feel like? This isn’t going to be a quick fix – you’ve spent a long time settling for average. But, this week, you’re going to choose yes. Some of the yes’s are going to be tough as they are so embedded into your behaviour, body, and sexuality. You are going to get around this by being very present in your reality and becoming the yes person in your life.

BTW, you’re not going to do all of the yes’s this week, so you don’t get smacked with some major echoes.

Without this new game, the ego won’t get excited about all that can be created. If your ego doesn’t understand the reward and the incentive to change paths, it will resist. Your ego can change every wall to a path for you, if incentivised enough. The homework is to use your imagination and desire to change every wall into a new route. Your vibration is now high enough to do this work and get your ego prepped for action.


Get a clean sheet of paper or clean whiteboard (keep the old one for reference) and create your yes board. Draw everything on there, all your “I cans”. This is intention setting, so no need to go tell your boss to go to hell (just yet). For each point on your wall, write down what the opposite point/frequency and what it would feel like to live the yes. Consider how each new stepping stone could be demonstrated. What would it look like if everything was a yes?

Create your lower self vibrating no, and the higher self vibrating yes. Remember it’s not your job to know how the yes is manifested at this stage. The path becomes your action, and your progress will be supported by bio-hacks.