VQ Week 9 – Video

The rest of this Vision Quest workshop is the integration period to create your new reality. Transmorphing the caterpillar life into a flourishing butterfly. You’ve been using 10% of your potential and energy, and you’ve been great at making peace with suffering, at surviving. The caterpillar metamorphosis is a death experience to allow for a new perspective, new experiences, and new heights. To quantum leap, you have to ‘unbecome’ to have those cocoon experiences. You have around five of these powerful dark nights in your life that allow you to soar. Ever noticed how some people have approximately five different lifetimes in one?  

If you did the last two week’s homework, you looked at your walls, and how they served and protected you, you have found out where YOU held you back. Your mirrored consciousness is everything outside of you that is within you. Not necessarily an exact match, but a metaphor for your inner vibration. Have you gone deep on why you ‘need’ what you’re manifesting? 

In a 5D reality, what you can do, create, or say is important, not what you have and what you look like. Desire is different than need. It is driven by the urge to reflect what you feel inside. If you’re trying to create without a genuine desire, you attract from a place of lack. An abundant lifestyle is an aligned lifestyle. If there is a void inside of you, there will be a void outside of you. 

When you turn every wall into a path, you need to ensure your ego is in check along the way. 

All of your spiritual work so far has not necessarily penetrated the stories that are left in your physical body. Like your basement is the creepiest room of your house, the root of your stored experiences remains imprinted in your physical body now. This last 10% of your work is the sedentary silt that is gunking up your energy field. The fast track to getting into this area for the final run to enlightenment is to go into your body and dig it up yourself. 

A major bio-hack to making paths out of walls is via manifestation. Your body is electro-magnetic energy, your ego controls your physical universe, your inner child controls imagination, and higher self controls your destinations. It’s a group effort. To manifest in physical reality is to bring in union your divine feminine and masculine energy. 

When you have accepted your walls and turned them into paths, you then need action to create. You need changed behaviour. Consistency, discipline, and focus are required to alter your physical reality, and then your entire reality. When your desire is coming from a pure place, you manifest instantly. Purity has no shadows or conditions, and when you take action with pure positive energy, you manifest very quickly. 

In alignment of your chakras (refer to the I AM training), you light up your holistic you, your infinite possibilities, and knowingness. It’s a full understanding of yourself. When you’re manifesting out of alignment, most often the sacral chakra is holding impure desire, shame, humiliation, fear, and guilt. When your sacral chakra is storing repressed emotions, it cannot deliver pure energy up to the rest of the chakras. 

Anything you’ve created, you have had to bring your masculine and feminine energies together. The masculine energy takes action, the feminine is the vision. Together they generate the unity of self and pure desire. Don’t you want more opportunities than you’ve been settling for these past years? 

A bio-hack to create a union of self and allow you to access your kundalini energy is through orgasm. An orgasm raises your vibration to activate all seven chakras, and it moves you into alignment to your pure desires. The release of orgasm is surrender, the seventh step to manifestation. You become your manifestation at this point, the is-ness is in your reality thanks to your frequency. 

The challenge with orgasms is that most people have a shame-based or toxic relationship to their sexuality. Think about how comfortable you would feel talking about masturbating or expressing your sexual fantasies. The level of trauma in your sacral chakra is reflected in your relationship to your sexual energy. 

When you’re going to clear your sacral energy, you have to purify your sexual energy first. You cannot manifest an infinitely great life from shame, guilt, fear or rage in your sacral energy. If you’re not manifesting profusely, then it’s time to look at what’s blocking your sacral chakra. 

This is not a lesson in tantric sex; this is your relationship to your me, myself, and I. Who you are as a sexual being and what you’re using your sexuality for. Who are you giving it to? Where are you checking out? What are you fantasising about? It all relates to your ability to manifest in relationships, time, health, and money, and self-sessions are a fast-track route. 

It’s not recommended to do this with a partner, as even if you have the same hopes and dreams, your wounding and levels of sexuality are different. You need to experience yourself as an individual sacred being. The true aspect of you is to create your reality through the unity and pure intentions of the divine feminine and masculine energies. 

For centuries, sexuality has been exploited, with the separation of males and females. This has created sexual darkness and shadows, which reduces your personal power. Think about whether something feels dirty or icky or wrong to you; where do these come from? What emptiness does your divine feminine or masculinity hold? 

One bio-hack is the non-sexual self-session (it’s easier for women than men). Go into a self-space solo. The safe you feel, the faster this works. If you would feel more relaxed with music, then play that. Find something to stimulate your body – a vibrator, your hand, etc. (not a fantasy or porn, this is not a sexual experience as you’ve experienced it before). 

Before you begin, get a vision of your pure manifestation – whether it’s a partner, a dream home, the perfect job, the healthy body, an ideal opportunity – whatever you want to create in this lifetime. What would fulfil your heart? It has to be a vision sequence, not an image as the body needs to move with it. BTW, there can be more than one vision in this process. If you struggle with seeing, using your vision board and place it in front of you. 

When you have this vision in mind, place your chosen stimulation method on your root chakra (it doesn’t have to be on your genitals at the beginning) to get your field turned on. Your body will begin to move with you visualising your dream scenario. Finish with an orgasm to shift your energy upwards, clean up your sexual energy, and send your vision to the universe. Consider your manifestation done. If your attention is taken to a negative place, bring it back to your vision. 

If you have heavier shadows to clear in one area in time, relationships, money, and health, do that vision last. This takes practice so you’ll want to build up to those more shadowy areas. The more you do this, the more it clears out all your previous sexual trauma and blocks. Each orgasm (directed from a pure place of manifestation) purifies your blood and energy frequency. This is an essential bio-hack for any sexual trauma, no matter how deep. While it can be achieved without this self-session process, if you’re keen on a short cut, this is it! 

Your shame and guilt live in every bit of your body, so you need to stimulate the root to unity with your pure positive energy. Purify the heartbreak, the missed opportunities, the lack. 

You can go one step further with the second option. Womb shaman and Jessica’s student, Awen Ataraxia, has created a sacred bath ceremony to deepen your sacral cleanse. The formula includes spirit guides in the form of plants, flowers, and oils. Along with detoxing components from salt and clay, as well as all the elements being involved. In the warm/hot bath with water that covers your naval, you sit with your legs open and imagine your genitals as a straw. Breathe in healing, detoxification, and the ingredients of the bath. Hold your breathe and hold the water within (it’s intention-based so this works for both sexes). Sit with your breath-hold each time and ask to be purified. On the out-breath, you give away all those times when your experiences weren’t pure. All of your losses, the times you were used or used others, missed manifestations, etc. Intentions in, releases out. Breath in healing and desires, breath out pain and things that no longer serve you. Do this cycle until you feel done – usually 20-45 minutes. At Jess’s 3-day retreats, there were powerful releases as nature is a powerful healer, supporting this release. This is a sacred, personal, quantum ritual. It’s best to plan to relax after the session, so clear your calendar so you can process. 

Both the self-sessions and the sacred bath ritual will accelerate your manifestation powers, as long as it comes from a pure positive place of love. Not need, not lack, not suffering. Whatever you want to create comes from this place. You’ll also allow your inner child to have pure desires, clears your blood and oxygen, brightens your energy field. So many wins! 

BTW, watch out for your ego blocking these steps! You can expect some resistance to dissolving these blocks and utilising these bio-hacks. Don’t listen – if you need a reminder about this process, set one in your phone or put up a secret post-it.


If you would like to take the step-by-step process with a custom sacred bath, watch the videos and get in touch with Awen here: AwenAlchemē@gmail.com


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