Week 6 – Qfit2 – Grief, Failure & the Internal Support System


Check in with Jessica on email ([email protected]) or Facebook if you’re comfortable to share, to let her know where you’re at. Are you stuck? Are you overwhelmed? Are you avoiding the work?

Questions on your own, for yourself…. Journal and or voice record and listen back all your answers

  1. What do I want that I don’t have?
  2. What do I need that I don’t have?
  3. Why do I need it?
  4. How would I like it to show up?
  5. Ego – How is it serving/protecting me that I don’t have this yet?
  6. Innerchild – What am I afraid will happen if I get what I want? or don’t get what I want?
  7. Ego – What experience am I avoiding if I manifest what I want?
  8. Ego – What happens if I fail again? What am I afraid to lose if I fail again?