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So what does this year look like coming up? 

What is Non-Duality coaching?

This year I begin to teach Non-Duality or a non dualistic way of thriving and creating. The definition of the root, Dual; is a “face off”or challenge of opposing issues, ideas or desires. This means that we will take every part of your life, the good, bad and ugly.Your past, present and future and use it to create love, money, abundance, freedom, inspiration, and find the intuition hidden in the darker parts of you through love.You are the diamond in the rough regardless what you have been through. This reconnection of self will attract different circumstances,people, places and things than the perpetual loops and patterns you have been living out over and over again disguised as life. 


There will be 44 live, recorded and archived classes this year. Held on zoom are archived in the Quantum Method Academy. Participation is at the students leisure. Live participation is not required, but live participation allows interaction and Live Q&A. Returning student teachers are allowed to teach through extra credit bonus classes.You may follow along with us in your own time and in your way. I recommend you live your life rather than be the A+ never tardy,note taking student. You’re not here to study, you are here to remember through inspired truth that resonates with your personal truth.Knowledge obtained without taking the physical actions to embody the work will result in further separation of your ability to “act as if”. Remembered truth will not become wisdom and your life will appear worse if you are just here to study. Why? Because an academic awareness remains in the mind while the body lives out its practiced patterns against your will or said heat desires. The body must become the knowledge( subconsciously downloaded and practiced to become and automatic reaction) 

If you take in mental study without physical embodiment, you will feel even more separated than before.The embodiment is built in this year in the form of biohacking.The classes are here for you as needed and when you are ready to go deeper into your intuition and gifts.Classes will be awaiting your next integration. 

Each class is challenged for the present moment happenings on the Earth plane you are attached to. Each timeline is utilized as a teaching platform. We use WHATEVER you are GOING through to GROW YOU. There is truly no bad or good. Pain, trauma and desperation gives the appearance of lack and suffering but ultimately each perceived negative is a gold mine awaiting the Alchemist to turn what appears to be lead into the gold that they seek.

Class topics this year 

  •   How to turn your lack into abundance with only what you have, where you are and what you can do right now.
  • Accessing the inner child to integrate your gifts and talents into abundance and freedom.
  • Time travel modality for reparenting your inner child so you can stop telling your childhood stories that stop your ability to flow and thrive.
  • Turning trauma into power and purpose.Use what happened to you to help others and create abundance from pain.
  • Becoming free where you are trapped.
  • Healing all of your relationships by healing your inner relationship only.
  • Build your new desired world inside the fertilizer of your current life. 
  • Ending the loop of trigger response and healing your Nervous system permanently 
  • Compassionate communication through intuitive awareness of others. Stop being triggers by your outside world by decoding the message out there that is actually for YOU!
  • Biohack your Universe = You in verse.Discover the hidden messages in your astrology, numerology, namesake, and akashic karma codes.
  • Changing the government, money system and outside control systems to your desired path through self reckoning and inner healing only. 
  • Create a huge playground of life with freedom and abundance of your choice.
  • Create healthy relationships through healing your own masculine and feminine wounding
  • Heal the mother, father , “God wound” you carry within to create Unity of your own body and soul.
  • Accelerate your ability to “ Know” things through downloading from the cloud techniques.
  • Manipulate and work with the 5 elements to create unity of your desired body,shape and age. 
  • Manipulate and bend time to work for you not against you.
  • Utilize multiple parallel realities to create one strong unified timeline. 
  • Channel your highest self and the galactic for unified humanity purposes. 
  • Heal your bloodline, ancestry, gender through working with their grounded hibernating remaining Help them heal the pain they hold in vibration on Earth by integrating the trauma of your past. 
  • Work with the “living library” of Earth ( the great mother ) to know your seasons and next steps.
  • Work in harmony with your Sun and moon cycles to accelerate your inner growth and healing. 
  • Alchemizing food, your environment, your government, your world from the inside out.
  • Heal your body through play, finding purpose and adventure.
  • Working with your archetype and your wounded selves to create bliss,joy and happiness.Biohacking the body through vibration matching.
  • Choose your own reality ( How to create your heaven inside of your own hell) 
  • How to bring your favorite people and things with you as you create a bigger more peaceful reality.
  • How to heal yourself inside a toxic situation or relationship.
  • Alchemy magic using pressure points and magnetic routing of intention through self bodywork
  • Quantum hypnosis to integrate the unconscious pain buried within.

Classes are not listed in order as they will flow from a present moment perspective the collective is asking for. 

I look forward to seeing you all this year!This will be my last masterclass as there is nothing else after you master non duality. We are creating a 5D-6D world and the ones who are able to live here and build here are sovereign.There will be no need for teachings only living, playing and creating! I will see you on the inside! 

Jessica Alstrom 

Creator of the Quantum Method, Quantum Fitness global and the Alchemist’s apothecaries.

Facebook- jessicaalstrom/alchemist

instagram-Jessica Alstrom 

DM me @ [email protected]

If you are not sure you are ready for this class. I recommend you take a look at the Alchemy masterclass or the Quantum fitness series. If you are a beginner on your journey I recommend warrior training! See you all soon. 

Let us create a world that is built on freedom and peace. If we can feel it we can heal it.


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