Quantum Fitness Part 2 – Wellness – Manifesting your perfect life & body Save $111 (Includes Qfit part 1)


(Price Includes Quantum Fitness Part 1)

How we will do this….
Week 1 & 2 – The Intervention! 
  • Limits in freedom
  • Limits in space
  • Limits in time
  • Limits in abundance 
Week 3 & 4 – The Rehab Process 
  • Through action we will detox the old ways of “BEING”  – This is FUN! I promise
Week 5 & 6 – Turning the wifi back on! 
  • This part is a secret! Its sooo fun 
Week 7 & 8: Learning how to manifest with just your brain and heart!! (NOTHING OUTSIDE YOU)


Let’s change addiction into a joyful life we don’t need to retreat from 
Let’s slow down the aging process 
Let’s heal the lack of connection causing illness.

Quantum Fitness 

Manifesting your perfect life and body

Clearing hidden Addictions, Healing Disease and turning back the clock on the Aging Process.

Volume 2 of our quantum fitness program takes us deep into the brain’s hardware.
Our body is one of the most advanced quantum systems in the Universe designed to “become that which is desired”
With the perfection in design of the Brain’s dual hemispheres. The two hemispheres are Separated by:
Masucline – Time and Freedom (action)
Feminine – Space and abundance (Vision)
Depending on gender this will average in 60% feminine 40% masucilne for a women and the opposite for a man regardless of the the identity preferred.(homosexual, transgender) Its less about personaility here and more about hardware. 
This dual system of the human brain was designed to be and access both ethereal, cosmic information as well as utilizing earth’s grounding elements. It is both! 
In the concept of the whole body design you are :
Energy – Feminine 80%
Matter – Masculine 20%
You probably thought it was the other way around? But nope, you are technically only 20% real.
On top of its dual function of communication and downloading abilities, it has the perfect system to translate desire into matter. Like the 3D  printer!
4 parts of the brain : Energy, matter, male and female. – To be used as submissive dominate team
4 parts of the heart, broken down exactly the same except the heart doesn’t use duality to become, it stays ”IN LOVE” of both male and female energies.
Together you get 8 aka infinity ….
This is of course if it is allowed to be used completely. 
The perfect mechanism for manifestation and we are only “allowed” to use 10% of its potential! No wonder this planet sucks! Lol.
So what does this have to do with addiction? Ageing and disease?
If we are only “allowed“ to use 10% of our own perfect system don’t you think you would figure out how to at least pretend you were free & Abundant.
This is where addiction lives.
When we are not allowed to use our own system we are forced to tap into someone else’s. This is kinda done through force. 
“Don’t do that, say that, feel that, think that, have that….”
Early childhood we do our best to be accepted by abandoning our own connection to ourselves. 
Because our brain, although infinite in its potential, is adaptable and programmable, it becomes “what’s allowed” not what it’s truly capable of. 
Like a stallion finally breaking, it now becomes “usable, rideable” and can now be used for service.
We don’t do the whole disconnection thing on purpose, but we are left with little conscious choice when our bodies are small and require time to learn ourselves. 
But the brain stays completely malleable until the age of 7. It is being taught who it is allowed to be, and has nothing to do with who you are.
The definition of addiction is lack of connection. But honestly addiction practiced is the “action of feeling or remembrance by doing of our connection“
Addiction is like “free wifi”. We use it to escape the “hot spot” we have been forced to use to be loved and accepted. Addiction is closer to your real desires and true soul feelings.
We are taught away from this system of 8 and we are allowed only about half of our abilities to manifest. 
Notice you are about half of who you are inside… You are living a 5 life when you feel you are a 10. 
So what does lack of connection feel like?
  • Lack of safety 
  • Lack of time or ways to fill it.
  • Lack of freedom 
  • Lack of space to create 
You don’t lack desire, so it can become quite painful when you can not “BE’ who you really are.
All of your addictions, illness, pain and fear of aging are hidden right here.
We settle for what we are allowed to be because the brain has become that. Then consciously we find ways like a child sneaking cookies to express and experience things that we really are.
Drugs, to bypass the brains security 
People who feel like drugs, to bypass the brain’s security 
Things that feel like drugs, to bypass the brain’s security …and so on..
This ages us fast!! Trying to sneak around the brain creates hormonal havoc! ‘The addiction of pleasure spikes us, the fear of losing that feeling crashes us, the depression of how boring our lives are exhausts us and the desire to do it again drives us. HIGH then LOW.. balance is not the norm.
We age faster, we get sicker this way and the brain becomes a warden that manifests EVERYWHERE, because the brain through its design manifests your reality. 
Through the film you watch called reality. 
But ultimately the brain will pull you back to the “you are only allowed “ program because that is in every system. It hurts because the heart, although split into 4 valves, is only pure love of both feminine and masculine. I am in love! And your brian uses the male and female more like submissive and dominant in its dance to manifest. 
When you try to me more – you get attacked 
And from that attack you become less. 
So we settle without knowing we are settling and use addiction of drama, problems, double lives, mediation, medication. illness, other people to feel “to be alive and connected”


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