Unlearn and quit toxic habits with Quantum Fitness.


You’re Worth An Efficient Rehabilitation and Recovery from Unhealthy Habits.

Adapt and Benefit from Quantum Fitness and break free from unhealthy living.
The Intervention
Explore Limitations In Abundance, Freedom, Space and Time
The Rehab Process
Detox Old Habits
Changing the “Wi-Fi"
Shift Your Perspective
Learn to manifest with your brain and heart

Get 8 weeks of Quantum Fitness-Manifest a Perfect Life and Body at $987, Save $111, (incl Part 1)

Be Your Best, Naturally.

Quantum Fitness is a science-backed program that talks about hormones and healthy living. Here’s what our clients are saying –

What You Gain Through Manifest A Perfect Life & Body:

Claim your Victory over Addiction, Disease, and Aging

Defeat hidden addictions, heal diseases and, turn back the clock on the aging process. 


Manifest A Perfect Life & Body helps to learn practical and effortless methods to attract the results you crave. The course teaches wellness through practice and acceptance. Breathe in the change and follow routines that break the implications of addiction.

Rehabilitation through Biochemistry and Quantum Methods

The duality of the human brain grants access to ethereal, cosmic information and encourages you to utilize earthly elements.


Implement solutions for your addiction, aging, and health challenges by attending Jessica’s enlightening introduction to biochemistry and quantum systems. Develop the ability to predict and prevent problems. Rewire your brain to visualize and realize outcomes.

Disconnect from Unhealed Trauma

Break free from the addiction of drama, double lives, medication, illness, and people to feel alive and connected.


With Jessica’s help, recognize the grief that is weighing you down. Using the power of intervention and manifestation, unravel emotional baggage and free yourself from past injuries and future worries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Volume 2 of our Quantum Fitness program, Manifest A Perfect Life & Body, takes a deep dive into the human brain’s hardware. Much like the crowd-favorite Weight & Waiting course, this course deals with biochemistry and advanced quantum practices.

Anyone can shift life of addiction into a joyful life. Slow down aging and heal the lack of connection causing illnesses. Utilize Manifest A Perfect Life & Body and achieve happy and healthy living.

Weekly Plan:

Week 1 & 2 – The Intervention
Exploration of limits is the focus for the two weeks of induction. With Jessica, explore the practical limitation in abundance, freedom, space and, time.

Week 3 & 4 – The Rehab Process
Detox the old habits of life through action. The third and fourth weeks will focus on strategies for rewriting your life story and breaking free from the chains of trauma and substance misuse.

Week 5 & 6 – Changing the Wi-Fi
Addiction is like free Wi-Fi. We use it to escape the “hot-spot” we’re in: obligations and expectations to be loved and accepted. The fifth and sixth weeks will shift your outlook on this.

Week 7 & 8: Learn to manifest with your brain and heart
The final weeks will teach you effective manifestation techniques that require nothing more than your brain and heart. Acknowledge your power to change in the duration.

You can get the complete course for $987 and save $111 (includes part 1)

Escape and prevent future invasions of Addiction
Visualize and actualize the body you’re comfortable with. Learn and discover the triggers, trauma, and patterns that result in addiction. Get to the root with Manifest A Perfect Life & Body, and achieve the body you’ve always wanted.

Transcend through Awareness
Awareness is the key. Reflect on your reality to awaken, integrate and transcend. Override your consciousness and heal yourselves. Explore possibilities, new avenues and embrace change by transforming yourself with Quantum Fitness.

Jessica and her Experience
Jessica Alstrom is the founder of Quantum Fitness and a Quantum Biohacker. The extrasensory motivational speaker has been designing courses to educate people to overcome traumas and patterns for over 20 years. Her primary mission as a Light Language speaker is to help individuals realize their full potential and materialize the outcomes they desire.

Become a Deliberate Creator of Your Reality
Manifest the life you’ve always wanted. Heal your trauma, belief systems, and become a deliberate creator, rather than creating your reality by default. With Manifest A Perfect Life & Body, change your approach and awaken through the power of manifestation and biohacking.

Jess is a quantum biohacking practitioner with 20+ years of experience. An inspiration to many, Jessica now shares her teachings with international audiences. Through live events, online courses, interviews, writings, tours, and private sessions, she is on the path to helping humanity understand the higher purpose of their soul.

Yes, you can! Jessica’s renowned “Quantum Life Coaching Course” is the perfect fit for people preparing for a career as a Quantum Coach. Complete Quantum Fitness courses and join Jessica on her mission to awaken humanity.

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